Zwift User Manual – The Unofficial Guide to Zwift!

Since Zwift was released, there has been a steady run of updates and new features. This post has been set up as the UNOFFICIAL Zwift User manual, to keep abreast of the changes and document the tips, tricks, issues and information which has been announced and also discovered by the world of Zwift riders. I aim to keep this manual updated as new information comes up, and things change. So #RideON

Last update to Zwift User Manual 17/03/2017

This Zwift User Manual is NOT affiliated with, or endorsed by Zwift; I was just lucky enough to have access to the “golden ticket” to the early beta test, the Fan Manual has been updated since then. I’m aiming for this post to work as a Zwift User Manual for those looking at Zwift in the first instance. In addition to the essential Zwift User Manual, this page also covers useful hints and tips for getting started

A lot of the detailed information has come about from the excellent community that is the Facebook Zwift Riders group

Any links on this page are not affiliated and are just there to help you out.

Zwift User Manual Index

Zwift User Manual – Getting started

What do you need to get into Zwift?

  • You can sign up to Zwift, and crucially download the software for Mac or PC from
  • From there you get a 50k free trial – there used to be two months free offer for Strava Premium users, this has now closed to new users and will cease entirely as of Jan 2017

Zwift User manual

What ELSE do you need to get into Zwift?

  • A computer capable of running Zwift, so Mac or PC currently.
  • A Bike
    • You know this is an indoor BIKE training game yes?
  • Turbo Trainer of Sorts
    • Otherwise, your bike is just an uncomfortable seat for your computer!
  • An ANT+ USB dongle or Bluetooth
    • This is how your cycling kit will communicate with Zwift on the computer – frankly its the most important part of the system after a turbo trainer and bike!Zwift User Manual

As of the August 31st, 2016 update Zwift supports most Bluetooth sensors either through the iOS app used as a bridge or now through both PC and Mac built in BlueTooth chipsets

  • HERE is a link to the cheapest ANT+ UK dongle I can find, and the one I use. If anyone can find cheaper, I’ll gladly update
  • A cycling metric device
    • Speed/Cadence meter
    • Power meter –  Currently only ANT+ compatible.
    • Either or can be used. A POWER METER IS NOT A REQUIREMENT OF ZWIFT

When you are setting up a sensor in Zwift, the protocol you are getting data by is indicated by the symbol in the bottom RIGHT-hand corner, here showing ANT+Zwift User Manual

  • A heart rate monitor (HRM) is NOT an absolute requirement either, but it’s certainly seen by most as pretty essential bit of kit to use especially if you don’t have a power meter, as Zwift is able to help estimate your power from your heart rate. Plus many race teams of Zwift tend to request that you use HRM when racing with them

Zwift User Manual

Setting Up

After the install, Zwift checks for updates – this will happen every time the game loads. It’s important to log into a few minutes before a race, just in case there is an update pending. You don’t want to miss the start simply due to a software update!

Zwift User Manual

The loading screen details several things about Zwift, most notably Zwift Boosts/power-ups, and any other information that is current. The previous “Ride with Jens Voigt” Event was advertised on here. So it’s worthwhile having a quick look when the system is booting.

Once Zwift has booted it’s time to LOG IN!

Zwift User Manual

Zwift will auto-remember your password after the first login – thankfully

Immediately after logging into Zwift you are presented with the Paired Devices screen. This will pop up every time you log in, to confirm your kit is working, and you have the right bits connected.

Zwift User Manual

When you are doing the setup, there is a little ANT+ or BlueTooth animation in the top LEFT, indicating everything is working well with your chosen communication protocol – a great little addition, as most ANT+ USB sticks, are just a black box! (In the above picture I’ve got Bluetooth turned off on my Mac, hence the alert symbol)

At the top RIGHT of the Paired Devices screen is the communications settings where you can toggle BlueTooth on and off

Zwift User Manual

Once you have logged in for the first time, Zwift can auto pair your devices, after which, the Paired Devices window will auto-close after 5 seconds – making login more efficient when you have everything set up.

Ideally, Zwift would be setup with a Smart Turbo trainer, to allow the software to adjust the turbo’s resistance on the fly. Initially, there were only two fully compatible trainers. There is much broader range of trainers now, with manufacturers actively producing turbos like the Tacx Neo to take advantage of the Zwift platform

If you are setting up with a classic turbo (not automatically resistance controlled), you will need to pair your speed sensor. Then a popup appears, asking you which turbo you have:

Zwift User Manual

This is important, as different turbos have different power curves, which will relate to how much power you will generate during the race/ride. You could change things to get a better power output for yourself, but you’d only be cheating yourself

Choosing a power source

One issue that people have raised about power meters built into turbos is that while they may give a consistent readout for your power, they may give a slightly differently output from say your crank or pedal power meter. That is assuming you are lucky enough to have a separate power meter use on your bike IRL (In Real Life)!

Zwift has you covered here if you are that lucky, as you can select to have your power meter source different to your turbo trainer if you so fancy

Zwift User Manual

Here you can see I’ve selected the Wahoo KICKR as my turbo, but that I have selected a different power meter – my Garmin Vector 2 pedals, as the power data source Zwift will use. The main benefit of this is that it allows me to use the same power meter when I’m on Zwift as I’ll be using when out on the road.

It also means that I can still use the smart  features from the Wahoo KICKR to simulate the topography of track

Supported Smart Trainers

Originally there was a narrow list of compatible turbo trainers, but now almost all ANT+ smart turbos on the market are supported – Plus many of the classic turbos, have power curve data, as shown in the “Select your turbo” picture above

When a rider is close to you, you see a name tag appear over them, or in this case behind you. The shield symbol shows the rider

There are still a few trainers that for various reasons are sulky, moody and don’t play nicely with others. One of the main issues with these trainers is either a LACK of ANT+/Bluetooth or a CLOSED ANT+ protocol, so ZWIFT may never be able to receive the data from them

Currently non-compatible smart trainers

  • Tour de France Bike – Doesn’t transmit watts
  • Pre-2015 CycleOps Indoor Cycles – Closed system

A Power meter is not an Absolute requirement for Zwift as the Zwift team have created:


“zPower” is Zwift’s virtual power curve (VPC) that allows for acceleration on Classic Turbos with the Basic Setup (e.g. speed sensor and classic trainer). There are two modes, chosen from the settings screen.

  • Classic Mode: which reduces the jumpiness of the wattage display experienced using zPower
  • zPower: which is more responsive during sprints as it does not account for acceleration

Note UNSUPPORTED zPower/classic trainers are capped at 400watts on Zwift

When riding on Zwift, you can tell that a rider is using zPower by the lack of a lightening bolt by their watts/kg in the RIGHT-hand rider list. So the bottom rider here, S.Sherbatov is using some form of power meter (hence lightning bolt) but we can’t tell what. By comparison the top rider, E.Henderson-King is not displaying a lightning bolt, thus the rider is using zPower (therefore on a classic setup) – simples 🙂

Zwift User Manual

The following classic turbo trainer models are compatible with zPower: – i.e. you can ride them, but they with will NOT give resistance

  • Kinetic Rock and Roll
  • Kinetic Road Machine
  • CycleOps Fluid²
  • CycleOps Super Magneto
  • CycleOps Jet Fluid
  • Performance TravelTrac Comp Fluid
  • Elite Qubo Fluid
  • Elite Qubo Fluid +
  • Elite power Mag
  • Elite power fluid
  • Elite Mag Digital Wired
  • Elite Mag Speed Alloy
  • JetBlack Fluidpro
  • Nashbar Fluid
  • Nashbar Fluid Pro

Ride On! – Going for a spin

After logging in, and setting up your sensors, the first game screen that greets you, is where Zwift is essentially asking you a series of questions:

  • Are you here for an event?
  • Where would you like to ride?
  • Can you challenge yourself?
  • Do you want to Ride or Workout (train)?
  • Which type of route would you prefer?
  • Would you like to ride with a particular rider already on the course?

Zwift User Manual

Let’s walk around the start screen first, answering Zwift’s questions as we go.

Starting in the top RIGHT – “Upcoming events” – which covers the question “Are you here for an event?”

These are rides due to happen today. If you log onto the Zwift iOS Mobile Link app, in the Events screen, you will get more details of these rides. (iOS download link, Android download link)

Zwift User Manual

To join one of the events from the Zwift login page, just click on the event box, and you’ll be signed up. The title is in white, below that the race/ride count down. The first counter is the number of riders whom you follow also joined that race. The second counter is the number of riders signed up over all. The letter (s) show what category of riders the event is focused on (with some events, you can choose a different letter at this point)

Zwift User Manual

But what do those letters correlate to? They indicate a riders ability to put out power and are as follows. If you have never raced before, do a couple of rides, and you’ll get a feeling for your own watt/kg, you can see that on the right side of the screen as you ride – take a look here: Zwift User interface. Also RoadCyclingUK has a good piece on watts/kg if you want to find out some more

Zwift User Manual

A good list of the up and coming events can be found on Zwift’s website here:

Zwift User Manual

At the bottom, the RIGHT is the course calendar, which partially answers “Where would you like to ride?”

It is worthwhile noting that this tends to change from month to month. Currently, it’s not possible to choose which track you ride on officially. Although the courses do swap across the week between the tropical Watopia (black on the calendar, and which is mainly discussed here in the manual), the Richmond, the UCI course (White on the calendar), and the London course (Blue dots). At least you can try to plan your rides for your favourite route

Zwift User Manual

The calendar also changes each month, so it’s worthwhile keeping that in mind if you have a favourite track (yes Watopia will be your favourite!) – You can pop over to the Zwift website – specifically the community section where the calendar is kept to confirm what is going on that month. On the same page, you’ll also find information about the past and current missions

Going back to the log in screen, though – below the calendar is the option to challenge yourself by setting up a goal for the week

Zwift User Manual

Underneath is how you performed against your previous goal – I think it’s fair to say I didn’t cover myself with glory last week!

When you click on “Add a goal” you can choose what sort of goal you want, and over what time frame:

Zwift User Manual

Returning to the centre panel, the question is: Do you want to Ride or Workout (train)?

If you want to do structured works outs, hitting the blue “Select Workout” button at the top will bringing up the exercise selection screen, and the 13 workout plans available. There is also the option for Custom Workouts at the bottom if you know what you are doing, and want to create personal workout programs. All the choices that entails. There is a separate, growing guide on the

There is a separate, growing, guide on the Workout Mode HERE

Zwift User Manual

For now, let’s assume you are completely new to Zwift and just want to go for a spin, that brings us to the next question!: Which type of route would you prefer?

By hitting the arrow next to “Route” it brings up a menu to select which courses are available on Watopia – here’s a tip for the first time rider – don’t try the Mountain 8 first, that’s a LONG climb to the top!

Zwift User Manual

Similarly if you: Would like to ride with a particular rider already on the course? Select their name on the carousel and once you have selected your route or rider, hit the orange “RIDE” button to get straight to the action!

An aside note – on the LEFT side of the screen there may be information about current challenges which Zwift are running, such as the recent Cervelo Challenge

Game settings

So before we look at the game, it’s worthwhile going over your settings, to make sure if nothing else, your weight is correct – as that matters in the game.

When you log into Watopia, you will appear on a stretch of road, just before the main town.

Zwift User Manual

The settings are accessed from the orange Menu button in the bottom LEFT which is present when you are stationary.


You can also get to the Pause Screen through the Orange turn arrow on the bottom LEFT of the screen when riding – you need to click the arrow twice to get the pause screen if you are riding – as the arrow is multifunctional

Zwift User manual

Starting at the top left of the “Pause screen,” you can see you current rider details and how your name will display

Zwift User manual

The orange box with the pencil brings up an edit screen allowing you to change your name, FTP, weight and various other details

Zwift User Manual

This is a screen you’ll have to go to on many rides, as many events request you to have specific titles in your name e.g. ZTR-EB

It is important to add your correct height and weight details here, as these will have an impact on your power to weight ratio in the physics engine of the game. The weight will also affect your avatar’s appearance – there are four sizes of rider, both for the male and female, which I’d probably characterise as ranging from “Rugby player” to “Pro cyclist.”

Here is my avatar at the heaviest part of the scale

Zwift User Manual

Then on the smaller end of the scale

Zwift User Manual

A big question is does rider weight matter other than aesthetics?

Short answer yes. There is essentailly a speed advantage to being lighter, a 3.5% time pentaly per 10kg!.

What about height?

There is also a disadvantage to being taller – kind of makes sense, as that is what you see in real life – thought to be about 5 secs for every additional 10cm.

SO yes, you could cheat, and adjust your stats, but at the end of the day, Zwift is a game or a training platform, so the only person you really cheat is yourself.

Going back to the Pause screen – to the RIGHT we have your current rider totals on Zwift

Zwift User Manual

Towards the middle are your best power outputs, definitely something to work onZwift User Manual

In the very middle is you Rider Score – on the “pause screen” is the only place you can currently see your points total – referred to as the Rider Score. 

Zwift User Manual

These points relate to your in-game level. The more points, the higher the level. The higher the level, the more toys! As you increase your score, you reach, and unlock presents, as can be seen above, which tend to be upgrades, such as jerseys or bikes. The upgrades, and the points required are listed below in the Unlockable gear section.

Currently, the rider level is capped at 25,  there has been no word of further increases for more than six months now, but eventually, we do expect the cap to be lifted again

Finally at the bottom are your power, and heart rate curves for this ride so far

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.24.22.jpg

To change various features on Zwift, you are going to have to use the icons on the bottom RIGHT of the menus screen

Zwift User Manual


Like many other game achievement systems, you get awards for completion of certain tasks or goals within the game. Some are clearly much more entertaining than others – you can view these by clicking Achievement icon

Zwift User Manual

There are currently twenty-four regular achievements – You can see the requirement for each achievement by hovering your mouse over the icon in this screen.


Also, there are also six “Extra Credit” achievements related to power for you to unlock.

Zwift User Manual

Each time you complete an achievement, you will see a splash banner popup on the screen,

Zwift User Manual

The pairing button takes you to your sensor screen which you also see when you log in

Settings “Proper.”

The setting screen that loads depends slightly if you have a smart turbo or a classic turbo

Classic Turbo

Zwift User Manual

The only difference is that with a classic turbo you get to choose which type of virtual power, and on the smart turbo, adjusting trainer difficulty

Smart Turbo

Zwift User Manual

  • Game sound volume –  does exactly what is says on the tin, reducing the music, etc
  • 3D world volume – controls the bike and general world sounds
  • Game resolution – graphics level
  • Virtual power (Classic turbo) – a software algorithm for power calculation in those who don’t have power meters
  • Trainer Difficulty (Smart Turbo) – affects the feel of the gradients. Apparently, 100% is supposed to mimic IRL completely… but the default is 50%, and after 5000km on Zwift, I’m scared to change it!
  • Power display – select if you want power smoothing or not
  • Leaderboards – toggling the point they appear on the screen, either when one a relevant section, or constantly
  • Measurements – metric or imperial
  • Image uploading – selecting if shots are uploaded to Strava
  • Show Group chat – Zwift is very social, some people are not though, and prefer to Zwift without the chatter of the fans (You are missing out on some great conversations though) plus this is needed for communication at the start of races
  • Laptop Battery Saver – activates levels of optimisations to save your battery if needed
  • Language filter – Zwift is certainly a family game, but occasionally things can get a little heated, this allows you to toggle how much of a “raw” experience you want

Pausing Zwift

To clarify, if you do stop riding at any point on Zwift, e.g. Loo break, postman, alien abduction, the ride timer will stop. The clock and your ride will commence again when you restart pedalling. This has been tested with a 24hr pause (I’m assuming the tester was abducted mid-ride!), as soon as you get back on, everything keeps going. Although your sensors may have gone to sleep!


Zwift User Manual

If it’s not on Strava, remember it didn’t happen! Plus Zwift naturally has their own Strava Cliub

With that in mind, Zwift has Strava integration built right into the game. BUT you have to log into the company website to make the connection. Currently, it can’t be done through the game itself.

After logging onto the website, select Dashboard, and in the top RIGHT, below your level is “Edit Prof..” – click this

Zwift User Manual

Inside your profile, there are several options about your account on the LEFT side of the screen. In the “General” tab you can also change your name etc. before a race.

To connect to Strava, you want the “Connections” tab at the bottom. Simply follow the prompts for your Strava account to be connected, then you are quite literally ready to race.

Zwift User Manual

Also by connecting your account to Strava, you will get access to the Strava jersey when you next log into the game

Once your 50km trial distance has ended, you’re going to have to look at actually subscribing to Zwift. You can sign up with various credit cards, or PayPal through your dashboard

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.33.22


Note the promo code section – if you buy a new turbo trainer from Elite or Wahoo, then you also get one-month free use – I’m still hoping TacX will come on board with this offer!

Strava Post Ride

Strava is fully baked into Zwift, so when you end a session, your data will automatically load up to Strava. Note the arrow in in the top LEFT of the popup box, to return you back to the game if you accidentally hit “escape” in your sweaty state and you don’t want to exit the game

Zwift User Manual

When you upload to Strava, the system can automatically replace the route map, with a picture from your ride – hopefully with you cranking out the watts!

Zwift User Manual

While every ride is important, sometimes you are just tweaking settings and checking that your sensors are working. As a result rides shorter than 2km won’t get uploaded to your Zwift feed, or 3rd party apps, like Strava

Strava files

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.43.43

It should be noted that occasionally things happen. Cats knock over laptops; power cuts happen to trainers and simple internet gremlins. As a result, you can sometimes lose a ride before you’ve actually finished and have had the chance to save the session.

Don’t worry. Your effort is not completely lost – you can still get access to the .fit file generated by your ride and manually upload it to Strava. Proving that you did dominate that KOM!

To find the .Fit files look in your Documents/Zwift/Activities folder on your computer, and you’ll find all the. fit files you’ve ever generated on Zwift. You can find the one with the appropriate time and date. Save this, and manually upload through the Strava website. Sorted!

Zwift UScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.23.38ser Manual – The Game


When you finally hit the “Ride” button, before you will first be given a choice of personal challenges to which all of your km’s count towards

Zwift User manual


Zwift User Manual

Climb Mt. Everest – after the lunatics such as Frank Garcia started doing the Virtual Everest challenge using the Zwift system, Zwift went and made it an official part of the game.

Official Everesting “simply” involves cycling to over 8,848m of elevation gain…in one go!! Yes, you are allowed breaks for food and other bodily functions, but you have to do it in one period without going to sleep. Thankfully the Zwift challenge is a cumulative total across your rides, not in one go – phew!

When you complete the Everest challenge, you unlock the Trek Emonda bike

Zwift User Manual

But there is ANOTHER bonus, as an additional Everesting challenge

…after 50,000m of climbing, you unlock the Tron bike! It’s as good as it sounds… (so good, it’s near the bottom of the page, so you’ll have to wait for the good stuff 😉

Ride California

The second option sounds much sunnier, so I opted for the 1283km, that is the Ride California challenge

Zwift User manual

Completing California unlocks the S-Works Tarmac

Zwift User Manual

Ride Italy

Finally, there is the 2000km Ride around Italy

Zwift User ManualCompleting the 2000km here unlocks the Pinarello Dogma F8 bike

If you are doing one challenge, but want a change, you can swap from one to another at any time, by going back to the Pause screen

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.23.38

To change your challenge, select the Challenge picture in the upper RIGHT part of the screen.

Zwift User Interface

The user interface on Zwift is quite straight forward, but there are a few icons, and bits which are not immediately intuitive, we’ll take a look at those now

Top of the screen

Zwift User Manual

Top, LEFT, Blue box

The large number at the top outlines your wattage or power output.

Bottom LEFT is your cadence – revolutions per minute

Bottom RIGHT is your heart rate – beats per minute

Zwift User Manual

Top, MIDDLE, White stats box

Top row, LEFT to RIGHT:

– Current Speed (and units)

– Total ride distance (and units)

– Total ride elevation climbed (and units)

– Current elapsed time (no units!!)

Zwift User Manual


Orange bar! 

One of the more/less important pieces of the HUD. The orange bar represents how far you are away from reaching your next level, and your unlockable. Every km/mile adds to the bar, as do some of the boosts – see below.

Bottom LEFT 

Level counter – The white number on a grey background indicates your current level, related to your overall points total

Boost circle

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.51.44

Does exactly what is says on the tin and shows which boost is loaded. You can utilise the boost by hitting the space bar, or hitting the boost bar on the phone app!

Central Popup

When you run over the start line for a particular challenge segment, the central box will expand to show your current time in the blue box on the LEFT, and the position you are just in front of in the orange box on the RIGHT, including that position on the leader board. This can act as an incentive to help attack those last few sapping seconds!

Bottom data

The number on the bottom LEFT, shows the distance from the end of segment/banner

The number in the middle, your ETA, is how long Zwift this thinking that you’ll take to complete the segment – this can be a useful way of controlling a rides speed on a climb, aiming for an ETA, rather than a wattage

Finally, your 30Day PR, which does what it says on the tin, showing what’s the best time you’ve managed to complete that segment in this month

Zwift User Manual

RIGHT of the screen

This is where we tend to get a few icons without explanation

Zwift User manual

Top right-hand column

The top two graphics shows a zoomed given the current section of the course you are pushing along, and crucially the grade. This is read in the direction of the big arrow, as you can choose which direction to ride in

Zwift User Manual

The large orange dot on both graphs is you. The riders around you, are the smaller orange dots on the top graph, and the white dots on the bottom graph
Underneath is the topography map of Watopia. Again you are represented by the orange dot.
The three icons underneath the topography map show the location of the Segment/Competition banners. Note that the icon on the FAR LEFT is the KOM spotted jersey banner, NOT a finish line banner.
If there is a “finish banner” that would be the orange “Z” icon on the FAR RIGHT – this is the first banner encountered from the “Just Ride” point – and also acts as a meeting point for most organised rides
If there is a ride leader, their position will show on the map as a yellow pointer, very visible when close up
Zwift User Manual
If you end up getting dropped the ride leader icon shrinks somewhat, but you can still track their progress
Zwift User Manual

Rider List

The box in the far RIGHT shows all riders logged into Zwift and includes relevant stats for those riders

Zwift User manual


  • Rider initial and name
  • Rider time in front (-) or behind (+) you/rider you are viewing
  • Rider power in watts/kg – the presence of the electricity bolt indicates a rider using a power meter
  • Country flag
  • The phone icon in the top LEFT of some of the riders indicates that the person is using the Zwift App

Icons associated with the rider list

Orange Triangle – Occasionally an orange triangle will appear next to a rider name here – this indicates that the rider has an issue with their setup. The commonest issue is a “dumb” trainer with the trainer not tightened fully against the rear wheel causing a wheel slippage. This can give a momentary spike in power, which Zwift detects and briefly flags the rider. Make sure those turbos are nice and tight, as the flag stays in place for 15mins

Zwift User Manual

Ride On thumb – when you select a riders name on the RIGHT, are oranhge thumb appears next to them. Click this to give them a “thumbs up”, a little acknowlegdment from you to them

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Icon – The “Z” icon indicates an employee of Zwift – as seen here – Give them a “Ride on!” for their good work if you see them, but there are some who ride incognito, so beware….! (G.Master is a bot by the way)

Zwift User Manual

Phone icon – Somewhat self-explanatory – shows the rider has the Zwift Companion Phone app active – not that they are running Zwift on iOS

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Workout graph – A rider who is using the Zwift Work out plans

Zwift User Manual

Person – Mean someone you follow on the Zwift Companion phone app

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Academy – A rider enrolled with Zwift Academy

Zwift User Manual

Moutain Goat – When you have completed the Mountain KOM, regardless of your time, you get a goat in your name bar, to proclaim your achievement!

Zwift User Manual

Volcano – If you have spun through the lava fields

Zwift User Manual

Tick/Checkmark – Means that the rider is who they say they are. We’re used to this on Twitter etc.premium, but it is needed on Zwift as well given that there are a lot of Pro riders who normally use Zwift

Zwift User Manual

Strava Shield – Another icon you might see when flying round the island is the orange shield. But this is one you are more likely to see coming up from behind. Seen on the name tags of the riders you are close to, indicating a Strava Premium user

Zwift User manual

  • The rider pop up also indicates how far behind your rider. This can really help in a fight, as you trade single meter distances as they race against you

Background colours to user name

Normally the background to the users name is blue/grey-ish (I’m colour blind! I’m confident the background isn’t red, thats about it!)

If a rider has managed to achieve one of the segment jerseys during their ride, the background image to the riders name will reflect to change that

Zwift user manualZwift user manualZwift user manual

Zwift Boosts

Zwift user manual

Note that different boosts last for different lengths of time 

  • Large bonus 
    • Adds 250 bonus points
    • This is worth 12.5km of cycling points. Not to be sniffed at!
    • Seems very rare
    • Used up automatically, freeing your boost slot of the next segment
  • Small Bonus
    • Adds 10 points to your score
    • Equivalent to 0.5km of riding
    • Always good as points equals new kit – we’ll talk about that shortly
    • Also used up automatically
  • Feather Weight
    • Reduces riders weight by 8lbs/3.64kg
    • Improves the power to weight ratio
    • Duration: 15 secs
  • Draft boost 
    • Draft other riders as if they were a white van
      • i.e. 70% reduction in drag WHEN YOU ARE DRAFTING
    • Duration: 30secs
    • Drafting and physics matters, if you end up dropped from the peloton – it hurts getting back in – if you can!

Zwift User manual

  • Aero Boost
    • Reduction in drag coefficient
    • Currently we don’t know what that drag reduction is
    • Duration: 30secs

Boost Duration

Around each boost, is a circle which activates white when you use it – the white bar counts down, showing how long the boost will last.

Zwift User Manual

Getting Boosts

Boosts are allocated randomly each time you pass through a Stage Checkpoint – you  cant really miss them! There are three checkpoints on each direction of Watopia island which correlate to the Competition Jerseys – which I’ll come onto in a moment

Zwift User Manual

A boost is activated by hitting “Space bar” on the keyboard, or alternatively the boost bar on the Zwift App

Hitting the space bar with an empty boost slot produces the “Ride On!” Call out. Giving 100 “Ride Ons” is also an achievement you can unlock!

Its imperative to make sure you have used your last boost BEFORE going through a checkpoint, as you only get a boost refresh, with an empty boost slot – shown here

Zwift User Manual

Some boosts are much better than others, so you can hold onto a boost passing through a checkpoint in order to use it tactically later – e.g. saving the feather weight for an attack on the KOM, but you do run the risk of missing out on the large or small bonus boosts.

What is drafting?

Drafting is exactly the same as on the road. If you are in a group, there is less air resistance to your rider, and you can travel further for less effort, the same is true in Zwift. But the draft should not be underestimated. It is vital. If you get dropped from the draft, it can be really hard to race to get back in. Similarly, you’re time isnt going to be close to the peloton

How do you get into the draft?

As you approach a rider, a draft box will appear. The box will appear when you are ~5m behind them

Zwift User manual

The closer you get to the rider, the more wind they block. Drafting is very important for Zwift races, and as if in the real world, if you get dropped, it hurts getting back into the draft.

If you find yourself riding on your own, there are blue AI riders on the island. You can use them to draft off, to help you keep going. Currently there is no indication as to the AI riders speed, or wattage, so frequently you drop them, and have to find someone else further along to draft off

Zwift User manual

Left Side Leader Boards

Zwift User manual

On the LEFT side of the screen is a leader board showing the times on that particular jersey section. When you are approaching a segment start point, the table shows your previous times on a segment

Zwift User manual

As the start of a segment is visualised, the leader board rotates to show the current riders live leader board

Zwift User manual

When you complete the segment, the leader board rotates back to your personal times on the segment.

At the bottom of the leader board, are three buttons, these allow you to move between the Sprint, KOM, and Fastest Lap leader boards as you want to. This is more often used in Spectator mode.

If you select another rider from the rider list with the mouse, you go into Spectator Mode. For which the Keyboard camera shortcuts are really useful

Zwift User manual

Note the spectator screen also has a “RIDE ON!” button at the top centre of the screen of to allow you to give encouragement to a rider

Zwift User manual

When you do, a 3d glowing thumb appears above the rider, with the RIDE OUT call out played. The thumb then shrinks and disappears in the riders rear jersey pocket – very cool!

Zwift User manual

When in Spectator Mode, you can go back to your own rider, using the orange arrow in the bottom LEFT hand side of the screen

Zwift User manual

Display pop up boxes

When you cross the start line of a segment – note the line on the road

Zwift User Manual

As you cross the segment start line, the centre box changes. To show your current time on the segment, the distance from the checkpoint banner in the bottom left, and your 30 day personal record in the bottom.

Zwift User manual

As you progress along the segment, Zwift has an algorithm that estimates your ETA. The ETA calculation needs to see your performance over a portion of the section, so there is a brief delay in it appearing

Zwift User manual

Segment/Competition Jerseys

On each track there are three challenges. On Watopia island, as you can change direction, there are three challenge sections in each direction, so giving six possible wins, and six corresponding jerseys to win.

If you start riding when you log in using the “Ride” button, and set off clockwise, you’ll encounter the segments in the following order:

  • King of the Mountain
  • Sprint Section
  • Fastest Lap

You also have the option on Watopia to turn off the main track and head up the Moutain, which will lead you to the Epic KOM

At the end of a segment, it displays your time in the top-centre of the screen, along with any relevant info -e.g. 30 day PR

Zwift User manual

You now also get confetting, as you pass over the segement line, just to reinforce the point!

Segment Jerseys

For each direction, there are three segment challenges on Watopia, each with a corresponding themed jersey.

You win segment jersey by being the fastest on that section – Simples! The jersey then appears on your avatar, and on the rider board on the RIGHT of the screen, you keep the jersey until someone else knocks you off that leader board OR 60mins have passed.

The end of each segment has 3 markers, covering the last 300, 200, 1o0n distances up to the segment banner – to help with that last moment burn.

Zwift User manual

By comparison, the start of each segment is marked with a white line the RIGHT side of the road, the start of each section is detailed below

There is a separate jersey for both men and women on each section now

King/Queen of the Mountains (KoM) challenge (Polka-dot jersey)

Zwift User Manual

This is the first jersey you encounter after riding through the Island Lap banner (which is also the start of its own segment). If you stay on the shortest route, “hilly” at 9.1km, the first challenge you will hit is the KOM. The KOM jersey is awarded to the rider who covers the massive Watopia incline in the fastest time. It starts from a line on the road, just after crossing the first bridge – which you can see in the below picture

Zwift User manual

The KOM tends to run between 104 and 120 seconds clockwise – it’s TOUGH! Finishing at the polka-dot banner at the top of what is sometimes referred to as Watopia Wall

Sprint Competition (Green Jersey)

SPRINT Jersey segment starts from a line drawn on the road at the entrance to a tunnel over half way round the island as you pass into a rock tunnel, after coming through the village,

Zwift User manual

You are then flat out for about 21-27 sec if you are hoping to get the jersey clockwise, before passing under the green sprint banner. The run is a shorter 13-14 secs anticlockwiseZwift User Manual

Fastest full loop rider (Orange jersey)

Awarded to the rider who rides the fastest lap around the whole of the Watopia track, from the start checkpoint and back again – as such there is no “white line” start point, the banner is its own start and finish point.

Zwift User Manual

Segment time approx 13-14mins in either direction if you are wanting to bag yourself a jersey!

Zwift User Manual

It should be noted that the banner has changed at different points depending if there is a specific event going on, above here showing the Amgen TOUR of California ride. But it’s always in the same location. Below is the regular Zwift lap banner

Zwift User Manual

All of the segment for the Richmond course are detailed in that post

Epic KOM

If you ascend Zwift Moutain and are the fastest passing the goat at 372m above sea level, you get to wear the Goat KOM. Far less of these are seen!

Zwift User Manual

Zwift User Manual

After battling up the Epic KOM, if you want to continue abusing yourself, you can opt to turn LEFT shortly after the goat to head up to the mast, to highest point on Watopia

Zwift User Manual

Not only is the climb up to the mast/tower the highest elevation, but you’ll be pushing up a very steep 16% gradient before you get to the top and see the summit trig pointZwift User Manual

Volcano Route Fastest Loop

Completing the 4.2km on the Volcano loop will unlock you a nice red and black number

Zwift User Manual

The 4.2km is measured, like the orange jersey, from arch in the Lava Dome, back to the same arch

Zwift User Manual

But jerseys are not just one achievement at a time, they are also stackable:

Super Double Jersey

A double jersey is available comprising two of the three segment leader jerseys – your rider name on the right-hand list also changes to a graphic comprising of elements from both.

Zwift User Manual

Triple Jersey

If you are extremely fit/lucky, there is also Super Jersey comprising all three colours – should you be able to take all three section jerseys when you are logged in. Your rider name on the right-hand list again changes to a graphic now comprising elements of all three.

Zwift User Manual

But if that’s too easy, there is also all six jerseys to get, as don’t forget you can do the same in the reverse!

Keeping the jersey

When you have held the jersey for the 60mins, a small count down timer appears next to your time on the leader board, indicating that you will shortly surrender the jersey – but dont worry, you can just re-earn it!

Zwift User manual

When you do a U-turn (Down arrow on keyboard) your jersey however will disappear (!!) – as there are 3 jerseys in each direction. You don’t however lose the jersey. An icon indicating the respective jerseys you’ve won appears next to your name on the riders list indicating that you hold that jersey, but in the opposite direction (each direction has separate leaderboards).

Zwift User manual

This all means it is possible to hold SIX different jerseys at once! Three on the riders avatar and three on the board on the opposite direction

Zwift User manual

Extensions of Watopia

Ocean Boulevard

Just getting inside before the door closed on 2015, on 30th of December Zwift released the Ocean Boulevard track extension to Watopia

Zwift User Manual

Ocean Boulevard is to put it simply stunningly beautiful, the designers have done a great job creating a visual spectacle, which is frankly reminiscent of a Bond Villain’s lair with underwater tubes, and a plethora of sea life (and a sub if you look closely!)]

Zwift User Manual

With the Boulevard extension also comes the option to take turns whilst riding, thankfully none of the riders crash on the intersections, although I’ll admit to closing my eyes on the turns, they are TIGHT!

Zwift User Manual

With that in mind, lets look at turning

When you first logged into Zwift, you were given options about your Watopia route. Flat takes you via Ocean Boulevard, Hills over the KOM on Watopia, whilst Group will following the peloton you riding and drafting with. Choosing any of these will make the requisite automatic turns.

Zwift User Manual

You can however manually override any of the turns from either the onscreen buttons, or from the app

Turning on Zwift

Coming from the initial log in, or ‘Ride’ point in the forwards direction, it is approximately 1km to the turn onto Ocean Boulevard, which is just longer a fraction longer at 10.3 vs 9.7km going over the KOM, but Ocean Boulevard is very flat, and great for a TT run.

As you approach the turn to start Ocean Boulevard coming from the start, you see an electronic sign by the side of the road

As you draw level, you will see two turn options occur on on your screen, and a distance counter underneath (Orange bar)

Zwift User Manual

If you have selected “Flat” course, then the LEFT turn will be automatically selected, as shown above. If the “Hills” route, the straight on at this point will be selected. You can change from either one to the other by clicking on the screen icons with the mouse (Yay, sweat and electronics), or using the smart phone app (safer bet)

To turn using the phone app, you have to be on the “Actions” pane, and the top two icons will change from “Elbow flick” and ‘Wave” to the turn buttons.

Zwift User Manual

(Click here to jump to the rest of the section one the Zwift App)

When a choice is selected, light up chevrons appear behind your rider so people know which way you are going

Zwift User Manual

Whilst here are currently no official segments on Ocean Boulevard,  I can’t emphasis enough how beautiful the whole section is, covering the underwater tubes, dirt tracks and a marina. All very cool

Zwift User Manual

Thankfully the dirt track doesn’t affect your speed!

By manually selecting the turns you can manage to greatly increase the route variations on Watopia if you are doing large distances for unlockable jerseys

Zwift Mountain

Zwift User Manual

If you thought that the KOM challenge was a bit tough on your legs, you have seen nothing yet! Whilst Watopia generally has a tropical feel, turn either during the tunnel section, or around the dirt roads, and you’ll be heading into Zwift’s version of the Alps


At the start choosing a specific event was mentioned when you initially log in. This will put you in a specific race or ride event. When you log in, afte having selected an event, blue box appears in the bottom LEFT of your screen saying “join” when you have started to ride.

Hitting this will take you away from the main course into a holding area, where you can warm up, without having to worry about missing your start

Zwift User Manual

All of the riders appear on little blue turbo trainers either behind a laser barrier (on the London course) or behind electronic billboards (Watopia)

Zwift User Manual

On the top RIGHT you can see the count down timer before the race (useful if you realise you have forgotten to fill your bottles) plus a count of how many riders are currently participating in that event. You can also message each other on  the RIGHT message screen.

The messages, when typed in an event mode, are only visible to riders in that event, rather than the whole of the Zwift game.

The top bar during an event also changes to show your lap counts, and the total distance remaining – nice touch!

Zwift User Manual

Note that the above picture is from a RACE. In a RIDE event, there is a group leader, who sets the pace for the group. The ride leader is identified by the yellow rotating shield over their riders avatar.

Zwift User Manual

If you get dropped from a pack with a ride leader in it, you can still see them, as at distance this shield becomes a beacon of light shining down on them – you can see that here as we’re waiting in the start area to head off

Zwift User Manual

During the ride, any comments from the ride leader will appear in the middle of everyones screen, in order to help them communicate, and administer the ride more effectively. Regular riders can still comment, but will occur on the RIGHT side of the screen as usual

At the end of an event, there is a leader board presenting, showing all the riders efforts during that ride – I find I have to scroll down the list quite far to find mine 🙁 – note that the board is visible for 30 secs and then will auto close (the timer is in the “OK” button)

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Map of Watopia

Eric Schlange over on has spent an inordinate amount of tip putting together a brilliant map of the Zwift Watopia course:

The map covers all of the current extensions to the Watopia island, and if there is one thing we know from Eric Min the Zwift CEO is that Watopia has the space to grow, so make sure you check back after the next inevitable extension – kudos on the Zwift blimp!

Zwift User Manual

It’s worth while making sure that you have a print out of the map to help keep your spirits up when slogging it out on Zwift, thus ZwiftBlog has released a PDF

Download Zwift Watopia Map PDF HERE

Permanent Unlockable Jerseys

As the segment jerseys at temporary, Zwift also has a series of permeant achievement jerseys you can earn

Zwift promo code

Metric century Jersey – (Skywalker White)

Unlocked for completing 100km in a single ride

Zwift User Manual

Imperial Century Jersey – (Darth Vader Black)

Unlocked for completing 100miles in a single ride

Zwift User Manual

Power based awards

  • Hold 500 watts for 10 seconds – “Shut up legs”
  • Hit 900 watts – “Sprinter in training”
  • Hit 1200 Watts – “The Blowdrier”
  • Hit 1300 Watts – “Fight for the line”
  • Hit 1400 Watts – “200m Beast”
  • Hit 1500 watts
  • Hit 50mph – “Dare Devil”

Single Distance-based awards

  • Ride 40km – “Marathoner”

Zwift User Manual

  • Ride 100km – “100 Clicks”
  • Ride 100 miles – “No Big deal”

The Volcano Extension has also provided several distance unlocks as well – The Volcano section of Watopia currently has a 4.2km lap. Each time you pass through the checkout in the middle of the lava field, you can see a lap counter

Zwift User Manual

There are achievement unlocks for 5 (Warm Up!), 10 (Hot Head!) and 25 (On Fire!) laps of the Volcano that we are aware of currentlyZwift User Manual

Gear Related Awards

As mentioned earlier there are two boosts that give extra points. The points fill up your orange bar in the top of the screen.

1 km is worth 20 points

1 mile is worth 30 points.

When the bar has been filled up, you level up. Points and levels mean prizes! Currently this is just graphical bling but there is a plan to have the gear you ride in, be affected by the worlds physics – so that could lead to an “All Steel Bike” race etc.

Levels, Scores and Unlockables

As you pass through a level, there is the corresponding notice telling you what you have unlocked

Zwift User manual

But perhaps more importantly, here is the kit list, and the number of points you need for each level

How Many Miles for Zwift Levels?

Or perhaps following the rules, how many kilometers per Zwift Level?

Special/Temporary Unlockables

Zwift from time to time does events and team ups. As a result of this, certain bikes and kits become available temporarily. Here are a few of them we’ve had in the past.

  • Feb 2015 – Pinarrello Dogma bike released to all Zwifters at the time – currently not unlock able
  • April 1st 2015 – bike wheel trikes – Have I mentioned I LOVE the Zwift programmers?? – Only available for the day 🙁
  • July 2015 – Trek Madone Released to all as part of Trek month
  • August 2015 – Canyon Aeroad, and Mavic Cosmic CXR60 wheels

The Zwift HQ designers also enjoy a few festive specials from time-to-time, so we’ve had:

Big Wheel Trikes

Zwift ManualFor Halloween we all shed a few Kg’s and ride as skeleton!

Zwift User Manual

April Fools and we’re all bobble headed

Zwift User Manual

On the New Year, we all gain party hats (although I’m not sure about the safety aspect there!)

Zwift User Manual

  • There is a “Tron” Bike unlocked when you hit 50,000m on the Everest Challenge, and it looks sooooo cool! – Props the Legend that is Jeremy Samuels for busting a gut to confirm the theory!

Zwift User Manual

Looks AMAZING at night!

Zwift User Manual

You certainly see them coming!

Misc Awards

  • Draft for 15 seconds

When you unlock an achievement/aware, a banner also displays across the screen

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Keys

There are various keyboard short cuts to Zwift, some of which are distinctly more important that others. When you are using the spectator views you can get some great photos

Zwift User Manual


1Camera – Default 6 O’clock view
2Camera – Third person view
3Camera – First person shooter perspective
4Camera – To the side front-Left of the rider – Good for a jersey shot
5Camera – Rear view from the right of the rear wheel – Excellent action shot
6Camera – Head on to the rider
7Camera – Spectator view
8Camera – Helicopter view – and sound effects
9Camera – Birds eye view
0Camera – Maintains camera lock to a rider

Taking the camera keys one step further is Chris Pritchard who does weekly videos of some of the key Zwift races. Here commenting on the ZTR EB Tuesday Night Race

Function/Action Keys

As well as camera keys, the keyboard also allows you to interact with the game

EscExactly what it says on the tin. Brings up the “End Ride Screen.” Hit again/pedal to go back to the game
F1Rider action 1 – Stick out elbow
F2Rider action 2 – Waves
F3Call out 1 – “Ride On!”
F4Call out 1 – “Hammer Time!” – (because that’s apparently still a phrase)
F5Call out 1 – “Nice!”
F6Call out 1 – “Bring It!”
F7Call out 1 – “I’m toast”
F8Call out 1 – Bike bell
F10Screen Capture/Photo

Zwift System Keys

TBring up customise the rider screen (Bike, equipment, and importantly JERSEYS.)
ADevice Pairing screen – currently only ANT+
UUnit toggle – metric and imperial
MGroup Message window
EBring up workout selection screen
CMD + DOWN ArrowPerform a “U” Turn or change riding direction

Zwift Mobile Link app

(Not to be confused with the full blown Zwift iOS app – which you can read about here)

The crucial bit of kit allowing you to stop covering your keyboard in sweat, and communicate easily in game. The latest update also allows you to connect Bluetooth to Zwift
Zwift User Manual
Here is the link to the UK iTunes store – Zwift Mobile Link App
Here is the link to the Google Play store – Zwift Mobile Link App 
You can log into the app at any point using your Zwift credentials

Zwift User Manual

Even if you are not riding, the app lets you “sneak a peak” and see which other riders are out on the island

Zwift User Manual

But I’ve seen upwards of 400+ riders on the island at the same time, and you dont really want to look down that number of people to find your mates, so Zwift allows you to follow people, as on Strava or Facebook, which then also shows who is riding as well.

Zwift User Manual

The four sqaures in the top left is the app menu, allowing you to access all of your settings etc, without now having to log onto
Zwift User Manual
There are three main sections to the app for use when riding:
  • Ride Mode
  • Action Mode
  • Rider List

App “Rider Mode”

Zwift User Manual

This shows all of the details/stats from your current

  • At the bottom is the Power Up bar, which allows you to trigger your power up in game
  • The blue “U-Turn” arrow, allows your rider to change direction now, so you can ride the island both ways (but not Richmond). The two directions has given rise to two very different courses on Watopia, one favouring a high power rider (clockwise) the other favouring the consistent rider (anti-clockwise)
    • To activate the turn, you press and hold the U-turn button, your avatar slows to 20kph – so you need to be moving at more than 3kph before making the turn. Also a U-turn may be delayed if there are riders trying to pass you, presumably so as to not crash the riders/game
  • The Orange pause button, which brings up the save screen, allowing you to specific a ride name before it gets saved, and likely uploaded to Strava

Actions Page

When the app connects to your profile, you can use the phone app to interact with the Zwift world. The most useful screen is going to be the Actions/Gestures screen

Zwift User Manual

This screen contains the majority of the important in game signal controls, and the camera

“Elbow flick”, “Wave”, “Bell”, “Hammer time”, “I’m toast”, “Ride ON!” and “Nice” – are all purely gestures.

“Power up” – As above

Snap shot” does exactly what is says on the tin. Allows you to take photos of you rocking that green jersey! These photos are now stored on your phone, whereas previously they were stored on the computer running Zwift – makes things easier for FB bragging now!

Zwift User manual

Group Text” – allows you to send shout outs to all the riders on Zwift within a 1.5km radius – useful for co-ordinating group ride starts etc.

Switch view” – like the keyboard camera angles. To help you get a better photo of that rocking’ jersey!

The flag and number at the top is the notification screen – currently telling you when a rider has followed you

Riders Nearby

Zwift User manual

This is essentially your chat page – or somewhere to hurl verbal abuse to the chap who just stole your green jersey and who was obviously weight doping. 10w/kg my backside! (Not that I’d been trying for that green jersey for ages!)

Selecting a rider provides you with their brief bio

Zwift User Manual

The Text button allows you to send a private direct message – this will come up in orange on the recipients screen

Ride On button – to give encouragement, and refreshes every 15mins

Fan view, to what that particular rider

Follow button – which does what it says on the tin, put that rider in your follow section


The messaging app in Zwift is very useful, but there any many people that dont want to trust how well their technology is likely to last with a sweaty keyboard or screen. As a result a lot of people have started looking at TeamSpeak as an alternative communication tool during races.


As ever, no affiliation, merely directing readers to potential useful product – TeamSpeak is available on the iPhone for £3.99, its also available on Android at £1.49 and your regular computer box.

Karissa Bramhall Minn has taken the time to put together a guide for TeamSpeak, covering the free client for PC but not the paid mobile app. Chris Haskell also has a useful introduction video

Click here for the TeamSpeak Guide

Group Rides

There are a series of regular rides that have grown up on Watopia through the various Facebook groups for the Zwift Community.

I’ve placed the list in a separate post: Zwift Group Rides along with a little blurb about each race and the link to the various FaceBook events page

Zwift User manual

When you’ve had a look at the types of rides which are available, and you know the rides you’d like participate in, the Zwift Riders Michael Neal and William Kwan have produced a TeamUp calendar which holds all the various races running each week – as you can see some days get a little crowded!

Best of all, because of the nature of the calendar, it puts everything in relation to YOUR time zone – my poor brain can stop trying to work out which of Australia’s many time zones a “late morning” UK race is over there!

  • Coming soon – Event mode – no more neutrals!
    • It looks like the pier will be used as a meeting/staging ground

Zwift User Manual

Zwift Workout Mode

Zwift HQ have flipped the switch on one of their most hotly anticipated software upgrade – Zwift Workout mode. Everything you need to understand the Workout Mode is here!

Zwift Workout mode

Zwift Running

Zwift User Manual

Zwift has released their iOS app via the Apple App store. However, the Zwift team are a group who could NEVER be accused of sitting still. As a result, they have also slipped an easter egg of the Zwift running module with the app! Without a doubt Zwift is DEFINATELY going to transform the indoor running scene in the way they have the indoor cycling world. Especially as you can just lean your iPad or iPhone on any treadmill – I get a few odd looks when I use it at the local gym!

Zwift User Manual

If you want to have a look at Zwift Running in detail, I’ve done a full #ZwiftGearTest HERE

Just for FUN!

The Zwift team are very cool, and there are easter eggs hidden in the game. One bridge has JWB stencilled on the side of it, as a tribute to one of the games Beta testers Julynn Washington, after a banter filled Facebook post once night. It’s great that the development team REALLY integrates with the community and listens.

 Scotty the Squirrel

Zwift User manual

Somewhere on the Watopia Island is Scotty the Squirrel, a character that came over from the previous island

  • Finally found him! On Watopia he’s sitting on top of the gas station!

From the previous island, he might change position. At points he has been sat in the middle of the road, with bikes riding VERY close to him, so he might not be where he was last spotted

Take a look, and if you see him, stick it on Twitter and FB!!

Errors and Issues

Any comments, changes, things you think I’ve missed, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll try and get things updated as fast as I can

Can Zwift do “X”?

Zwift is rapidly developing, and the team have managed to craft a 25th hour into the day, never the less there is still a roadmap of features yet to come. Based on that the following is a list of features that have been requested/are not implemented yet in Zwift. If there is a particular function that you can’t see above, check that its not below on the Potential development list

– Zwift mobile app will rotate
– Will be able to upload data to Garmin Connect
– See names of nearby riders travelling in the opposite direction
– Voice chat
– Remember Me option for logging in
– Count of the number of times a rider has held a jersey
– Something along the lines of a communal hangout for taking a break on your ride
– Ability to see when others are watching you
– See how many riders are going in the reverse direction
– A Reply button on the mobile app
– A button on the phone to briefly look back when a button is held down (6 on keyboard)
– Ability to modify your dashboard e.g. remove a duplicate ride, add rides that failed to upload
– Female Ghost Riders
– Customisation for how rider list is sorted on Mobile App
– Integration with Spotify and / or Pandora
– “Social Graph” – friends list, friends leaderboards, join friends
– Facebook login

  • I chat with Discord. Works more stable then teamspeak for me.

  • Yes but it takes a little jiggers-pokery. You need to add this line to your config file

    set g_bDrawHud=0

  • woody

    thank u for your Manual.
    is there any possibilty to Close the “riders nearby”-box on the right side of the screen??
    dont have this tool IRL (when racing) and dont want to see the gaps, w/kg of the riders…

  • Stephen Maguire

    Just joined zwift. Thank you for the in-depth manual, so much to learn & remember!

  • Pilotdavo

    Brilliant. Cheers.

  • Thanks, I forgot when they changed from a Zwift Blog that would need to be updated! Cheers

  • Mac2k3
  • Pilotdavo

    Great article for a noob like me. I can’t get the link to the Watopia map to open though.

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  • dogxcd

    thanks James-I’d prefer both riders on the same screen ideally

  • Do you mean a split screen view? Using the current software no. People have done things with two different windows of Zwift connected to two different ANT+ dongles.

    I’ve previously just used the iPhone app, and the other person the laptop

  • dogxcd

    thanks for the excellent guide
    do you know if there’s any way for 2 smart trainers in the same room to complete a zwift ride and see each other on screen please?
    or any other smart trainer app?
    many thanks

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  • It depends on whether it has been a ride or a race.

    If a race, it is displayed at the end of the distance.

    If a group ride you can have a look at, through the Zwift app, or ZwiftPower from the community

  • Ole Bistrup

    Typically located in the folder ..\\document\zwift
    Search for files *.fit

  • Ole Bistrup

    After ending a ride where can I see the overall result?

  • David Potts

    Try to spin at about 90 rpm for efficiency..below 70 and change point grinding too big a gear.

  • Knowing your cadence takes time as your fitness levels change.

    A lot of cyclists tend to sit in the 70-80 rpm area

  • Ryan

    CJ, I realize your question is very old, BUT I just came across it as I’d encountered the same issue. For all-time Strava PR purposes, you can mark all your classic turbo rides as Private. Those activities will remain in your history, but the segment times will not count towards your PR’s on the leaderboard. Hope this helps!

  • Toni

    Excuse if a stupid question. Complete noobie! I’ve done 3 rides all ok but I don’t know what my cadence should be?? Do I just decide this myself or can I get Zwift to tell me???

  • De Mac

    Gday SpideRay – yes, the Wahoo ANT+ key works (I use it with the lightning to 30-pin adapter with my iPad AirII). The key transmits ANT+ smart trainer, power meter, speed/cadence and HR data to the iPad. BUT, the game does NOT control the Smart trainer using this protocol – I’m guessing it cannot / does not yet do two-way data transmission. So, if you were wanting this solution to enable ‘smart interactive’ functionality with your ANT+ trainer, I’m afraid it will not – at this stage anyway.

  • Odd. As in downloaded the iOS full Zwift app?

  • Martin

    Great guide – thanks ! I have downloaded the App but the “Ride” button appears to be missing , It was there at first but then disappeared somehow . Suggestions please?

  • Dany

    Actually, it was in the pairing of the devices. Zwift indeed estimated my cadence. Now I pair my cadence sensor before I turn on the smart trainer and everything works like a charm. Thanks and ride on !!!

  • I just noticed that Zwift have finally decided to incorporate functionality for the widely used Wahoo ANT+ dongle into their latest v1.0.16180 released on 28th Jan 2017. I guess that means for all potential users with Garmin HRM and GSC10 ANT+ sensors with iPad’s with the latest iOS we can now use the official 30 pin to lightning 0.2 m cable adapter MD824ZM/A or the shorter MZ823ZM/A adapter that just like TrainerRoad?

    Please verify this as I have a Wahoo Bike Case that has the ANT+ built in and the MD824ZM/A cable would allow me to start using Zwift with my Tacx Turbo that’s amazing but sadly lacks Bluetooth LE.

  • Paul Bennett

    It may me that Zwift is estimating cadence from your trainer and not reading your cadence sensor. Next time you start Zwift, repair your cadence sensor to ensure your reading cadence from the right device.

  • Awesome. thanks for the guide by the way, really really helpful!

  • Thansk Gregor – I’ll get hat checked

  • Stage 4 reward should be 50mm wheels I think (currently the guide says 32mm)

  • Have a look in the activities file in your Zwift folder on your PC.

    Zwift had an issue last night.

  • David Potts

    I did a group ride last night and when I clicked save to Strava everything froze saying zwift is not responding. This ride is partially in my activity feed but not on Strava. How do I upload to Strava and can the whole ride be found or is it lost?

  • There is music on the log in. You can toggle this in Zwift settings. Although many people would ask if you really want to listen to the Zwift midi style music.

    Your are better with a Spotify Zwift Playlist

  • Jason Skrzypiec

    Just got a new trainer and tried zwift for the first I yesterday. The first time, I had music playing in the app. Had a problem with the bike, so I stopped the ride. Second ride, not music. Is there supposed to be music? If yes, how do I re-enable the music.

  • HI David, yes, the aero bikes for examnple are faster, the TT bike has the best aero profile, but then you cant draft with it

  • David Armstrong

    Does the game gear upgrades like frames and wheels actually have any benefits or are the just for looks. ?

  • Ian

    I’ve just bought an ex gym spin bike and was hoping someone could let me know if its possible to connect to Zwift with it and what accessories do i need to do that. many thanks

  • Dany Willems

    Great article.
    A question though. I use an Ant+ stick that was originally meant to upload results captured with a Garmin Forerunner. I also use a USB extension placed near a Wahoo Kickr. The hart rate monitor and the Kickr both seem to work fine, the cadence sensor however is absolute horror. When the road rises cadence drops automaticaly and vice versa when the road drops. Keeping the cadence at a steady 90 rpm it is sometimes displayed as 40 rpm or 115 rpm. The battery works fine and when using it outdoors the cadence sensor does the trick every day, no problem at all. While “Zwifting” it seems to be haunted. I know wonder if the error could be in the Ant+ connection or is that not an issue. Do you have any thoughts ?

  • Op

    thanks for the user guide – really helpful for a zwift newbie. Regarding the challenges like Ride California, if the user switches, does it save the progress on the prior challenge, or does that reset?


  • If you’ve any suggestions, or other areas not made clear, shout up and I’ll try and address it in the manual

  • Glad it helped Chris!

  • Chris

    What an amazing user-manual! The z-power not smoothed out was driving me mad! Thanks you so much.

  • David

    When I first used zwift, when I was coming up to a sprint or KOM the top of the screen would pop up with a timer for the duration of the segment so you knew when you were about to hit it and how long. That doesnt seem to happen now and I keep missing them. Having I switched it off in error ?

  • fred hate

    Super guide ou l’on trouve toutes les explications (et en plus à jour).
    J’ai une question beaucoup plus technique et qui touche le domaine de l’algorithme utilisé par Zwift.
    Je pèse 52 kgs mesure 158 cms. Je ne doute pas que je puisse développer 210 watts mais une interrogation me soucie.
    Lors de courses Zwift je gagne sur des concurrents de 75 kgs et plus qui ont le même kg/watt que moi.
    Dans la vrai vie qu’en serait il ?
    Car, intrinsèquement, un homme est plus puissant qu’une femme, et sur un vélo cela se vérifie.
    Y a t’il un poids et taille minimum que l’on doit inscrire dans notre profil ?
    Un réglage particulier pour un Tacx genius smart ?
    Ou doisi je considerer que ma place au sein du peloton est la bonne ?
    Merci et encore merci pour votre super travail.

  • Great stuff GUNNY T – make sure you download the Zwift app and follow some riders, give me a follow and see if we can go for a spin at some time!

  • I’m new to ZWIFT and , I find it to be a great help in my training. Being a Disable Veteran it has helped me get my movation back .It has been a great tool for me learning my strengths again. And have setup a training plan using your site my doctors think your site is awesome. Hope to see some new workouts sites soon. Keep up the great work. Semper Fi ! Gunny T

  • andy jackson

    Thanks for clarifying I thought that might be the case. cheers!

  • That’s the problem. You need to connect the phone app to the same network as Zwift

    I had two wifi networks at home, if both laptop and phone are not on the same network, there is no action/message screen

  • andy jackson


    great guide thanks!

    one question on the mobile app.
    I don have a ‘smart’ trainer but connect stages.
    when training all works well, and I can ‘see’ my ride on the mobile app.. but haven’t got the actions page or ability to send messages etc.
    my issue may be (?) that the PC is hardwired to the internet (in a garage) and the phone is via mobile data – so they are not connected on the same network…
    wondering if this is the issue and how I could resolve?


  • Such as what Mark, I might be able to help if you can give an example

  • Mark Holland

    An excellent guide. However, I seem to be missing lots of the bits that are mentioned. Is this because I am still in the free two months for a Strava premium member?

  • Hi Alberto, thanks for the heads up. I’ve been on a 11 shift at work today, so don’t have time, or access to my laptop. However I’ll be updating tomorrow

    I do really need to give the manual a bit of a polish over the next few weeks as we move into “peak Zwift” season

  • Alberto

    Hi James, you’ve provided an excellent service to the Zwift community, by taking time out to produce this excellently structured unofficial Zwift manual. For that my friend, you’ve my congratulations and sincere thanks.

    I’m not sure if you’re aware of the new changes made by Zwift today (29 Oct 2016). With effect from 2017 there’ll be no more 2 (two) free months of Zwift for Strava premium members. November and December of the current year (2016) will be the last free usage months of Zwift for all Strava premium members before this perk ceases. A shame really, because that made it easier to accept Zwift’s high monthly subscription. Particularly during the summer months when it isn’t used as much, if at all.

  • 1) The London lines have been added with the latest update I think. 2) that is the work out screen – check out the Zwift workout post here –

  • Chee Kong

    Just wonder what happen if we change the resistance manually on classic trainer (satori – i guess same like blue motion)?
    If I am using it with speed/cadence only, should i just keep the trainer resistance at 1 all the time?


  • I’m currently in the process of re-writing this and hope to have an update up by Thursday at the latest. But with the last few updates, there is a lot of typing!

  • Clyde

    They are currently riding in workout mode.

  • A. Strozer

    A couple things that I’m curious about, which weren’t mentioned in the guide: 1) As indicated, the beginning of sprints and KOMs are marked by a white line on the road. There appears to be no indicator, however, at the beginning of the London Classique mall sprint. 2) I notice that some cyclists ride with a large translucent rectangle (usually, blue or orange) floating in front of their bikes — like some kind of heads-up display or maybe they’re just reading the Sunday Times while riding. What does this rectangle indicate?

  • PC Mountain

    Great manual, thanks for doing it!

  • Sang-Hyeok Lee

    Thank you for your great and easy manual.

  • Dan

    You may have answered this question already but… what is the little slash next to someones name? Same box where the bar graph or the phone is…

  • Seth Kaufman

    Does this mean that controlled resistance works on the IC Pro 400 as well or to you have to adjust your own wattage?

  • Donald

    James, thanks for the amazing guide to Zwift

    One small correction, the max level is now 25 ( guide still says 20)

  • Neil

    Official Everesting “simply” involves cycling to over 8,848m of elevation gain…in one go!! Yes you are allowed breaks for food, and other bodily functions, but you have to do it in one period without going to sleep.

    I laughed when I first read this,then I did it
    But it was not on a smart trainer and I didn’t have a power meter attached
    So ……………
    Sorry neighbours 🙂

  • Normally turn up at the arranged time. There is no sign up yet. That may be coming soon

  • Brad Williams

    Can you tell me how to join a friends ride?

  • Happy Runner

    I found this about the KICKR — seems that my experience is common and can be corrected with the “Trainer Difficulty Setting”

    Getting Dropped On Downhills?
    One common complaint from Wahoo KICKR owners is that they get dropped by other riders on downhills. (Anyone with a smart trainer will notice this, actually, but KICKR owners seem to have an especially hard time with it, probably due to the KICKR’s powerful flywheel effect.)
    The challenge is that smart trainer riders (whose resistance is constantly changing to match terrain) are competing against dumb trainer riders (whose resistance is constant). A smart trainer attempts to mimic the feel of real-world riding, where it is difficult to maintain high power levels on downhills. For a dumb trainer rider, the downhill feels just like the uphill and the flats, so they can put out a lot of power on those downhills while the smart trainer riders spin out.
    On uphills the opposite happens–smart trainer riders often pass dumb trainer riders, because the dumb trainer riders must shift to a harder gear to generate the increased power needed to keep up with the smart trainer riders. Most dumb trainer riders figure this out pretty quickly, though, and learn to shift as needed.
    Smart trainer riders get a bit of a raw deal here, because they have no choice but to spin out in their hardest gear on fast downhills, while dumb trainer riders can fix their uphill challenges by shifting properly. But this is a necessary evil if Zwift wants to have lots of riders embracing the platform.
    What does this look like when riding Zwift? As a smart trainer rider, I find over and over again that when I hit uphills, I pass lots of riders. And when I hit downhills, lots of riders pass me! This “yo-yo” effect can be especially annoying when you’re racing and it leads to gaps with groups you’re trying to hang with.
    What’s the solution? Lower the difficulty slider to 25-40%. This will make hills seem less steep, and allow you to put more power into the downhills. Give it a try and mess around with the setting until it feels good to you.

  • I’ll make sure that gets updates

  • Ah ok. Sorry about that

  • Christian Kerr

    Saw this document but the 12 week Winter program has 2 weeks of details and then jumps to the Hunter program… so it’s missing week 3 to 12…. ..

    Not your problem though

  • Christian Kerr

    Was looking for the same but didnt find.

    Zwift now allows you to skip the Ant+ pairing so you can check out the Workouts, which is nice, but I’m currently working my way through a 12 week plan so having a printout of which days are rest and what hours are required would help.

    If you find one.. please let me know.


  • Check the work out mode post, there is a link to the downloadable pdf there Adrian

  • Adrian

    I was wondering if their is a catalogue of the work outs in the workout mode available anywhere?

  • Yes, you are completely correct.

  • nick sharp

    Quick question – do the different user customisations available mean different performance on zwift? ie will a level 20 bike be quicker than a level 6 bike?

    I know the TT bikes have an advantage, was wondering about the others. I notice there is a steel bike, I would expect that to be slower than the more modern bike, was wondering if Zwift has this in the game?

  • Yea that is true but you are a lot more aero

  • Well said dude. I find rollers fairly easy but I’ve had them for three years now, but my sister can’t ride tham at ALL, even though she got hers before me. She brags about beating me for the epic KIM but on the road im easily better than her. But she uses a turbo while I use rollers.

  • Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your blog.

    You have some really great articles and I feel I would be a good asset.

    If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to
    write some material for your blog in exchange for a link
    back to mine. Please shoot me an email if
    interested. Cheers!

  • Sandy

    ok, thanks for the quick reply.

  • 1) bots occur when there are not enough riders on the courses to allow people to draft real riders
    2) the latest iteration of the app is a little buggy IMHO
    3) personally I’d prefer to see a persons HR. As w/kg is very personal. A 70kg rider at 210 watts is 3/watts/kg, with the focus being 210watts.

    A 50kg (weight dopper) at 150watts is also at 3/watts/kg

    So the watt/kg is a good personal target, but no good for comparisons

  • Sandy

    Thanks for all the great work. I have 2 questions and one quasi-suggestion (for Zwift):
    1) Has Zwift killed off the bots? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and surprisingly, I kind of miss of them.
    2) Is it just me or when using the app while riding it’s kind of touch and go getting the ride tile to pop up, I usually have to click on the PEEK tile a few times before the Ride tile pops up? Is that just me?
    3) As a power user, in your opinion do you think it would be helpful to have a larger font either on screen for stats like w/kg or in the app, maybe it’s just me and my 49 year old eyes but I find myself squinting an awful lot to read some of the numbers on the screen (like prior KOM/sprint speeds, some stats from other riders near me….) .

  • Work out mode

  • Peter Maloney

    What do the bar charts to the left of a rider’s name on the rider list (on the right side of the computer) mean?

  • Natalia

    Amazing user manual. i’ve been using zwift for a while but i didnt know about a lot of stuffs. now after read this i’m an expert!!! Thank you very much

  • Steve Wreschnig

    Your suggested ANT+stick looks just like the Docooler USB ANT+ stick available at Amazon for $18.98 that I got and works just fine also.

  • Gideon

    Thanks for the info James

    By the way Level 7 unlocks the zwift Steel Bike…

  • Those chose buttons allow you to chose a direction/take a turn. They don’t specifically chose a route

  • The courses are all variations on the same road, so to say “meet at the figure 8 doesn’t really work”

    Almost all rides CURRENTLY start at the orange lap banner near the login point

  • Hi Gideon,

    You can see where the flat and figure 8 segments go in the Zwift Strava Segments post

    That might give you can idea of what they look like

  • Gideon

    Two Things…

    1) Not sure if this is going to help or hinder, but I’m on lowly Level 6 having only fully joined recently. At this level I have available;

    a) Bikes i) Zwift Carbon
    ii) Dogma 65.1 (unlocked at Level 6)
    iii) Zwift TT
    iv) Specialized Allez

    b) Wheels i) Zipp 202 (available as a newbie)
    ii) 32 mm Carbon
    iii) Classic
    iv) 50 Carbon

    2) Island Routes; I know there is a selection on various route when you first log into Zwift (we’re not talking Richmond here…that was a set route!!!) but is there anywhere that shows you where that route goes?

    I was looking at doing a ‘group ride’ the other day and came across one that stated they would meet by the ‘Figure of 8’ course. Please can we have something that shows us where these routes go?

    Obviously you get the route ‘chose’ buttons appear when approaching a junction, but where do those routes go if you don’t follow the one that’s highlighted….

    Kind Regards


  • Gideon Ransley

    Looks Greek to me!

  • Leo
  • The Zipp wheel was part of the unlockables for the beta test riders. It is currently not available for unlock for new riders/those who did not achieve it during the beta

  • stuart West

    How do you get the Zipp disc rear wheel… I have seen people with it but can’t find it mentioned anywhere???

  • Thanks Albert, I’ll get that updated in the next refresh, which shouldn’t been too far now

  • Albert Hasson

    You note that pre-2015 CycleOps indoor trainers are not compatible.
    FYI, I use a CycleOps IC 400 Pro (2013) which pairs up perfectly with Zwift via ANT+.

  • When you say hidden ones, what do you mean?

    You can get extra bonus points by doing work outs, and also if you are lucky enough to pass through the check point and get the bonus.

    The bonus points for work outs are on the LEFT side of the screen when doing a work out.

    Take a look here

  • chris

    im kinda iffy on the leveling and distance required. i just hit 6 a day ago, and ive got 5k points. but ive only ridden 175km. could i really have that many bonus points from achievements? also does anyone have a full list of the hidden ones?

  • Robin Skibo-Birney

    Great job! I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and this is a great introduction to features and functionality. The link to TeamUp has already seen me join two groups this week – much appreciated!

  • 1) no. It’s annoying

    2) I think the rider standing is controlled by a power/speed/cadence formulae. I rarely stand on the bike, but similarly my avatar doesn’t either.

    Tuck happens I think if you stop spinning on the downhills

    I’ll check that

    3)the KICKR has an odd element to riding it. Because of how the fly wheel works. You have to prepare the the downhill, before you crest by spinning up, but in a higher gear. Then you. Sorry the speed into the down hills.

    It’s odd. Definitely a trick you have to learn with KICKR. You don’t get it on the Neo

  • Happy Runner

    This seems like the best place for questions, so here are three about group rides/races:

    1. Getting to the start: I ride up to the start of a group rde or race and stop, to wait for the start tune., The end screen pops up and I have to get off the bike, go to the computer, and click on BACK, so I can sit there and wait without the end screen being displayed. Is there a BACK command on the app or way to dismiss the end screen from the mobile app? If so, I can’t find it.

    2. When in a ride or race and get to a climb, all the riders around me instantly stand, almost simultaneously. Seems like my avatar almost never stands and almost never gets into a tuck. What’s up with that?

    3. I tend to get spit out the back on downhills. Although putting in a high effort, the watts aren’t there and I tend to get passed. On chat, someone mentioned downhills more difficult with a KICKR. Is this normal or is there a way to correct?


  • chris

    try it on rollers, good luck communicating at all or even grabbing a bottle while youre dead tired from a kom effort. that and sprinting on rollers is never going to get you a jersey because you cant really go all out like you can when youre bolted down. personally i think everyone with a turbo is cheating and should learn to balance!

  • Happy Runner

    This is the best one!

  • Bertram

    You can use the left/right arrow keys on a regular keyboard to change the direction choice.

    It looks like when you have selected the TT bike, you can no longer draft, and all boosts are changed to a “minor bonus”, i.e. 10 points.

  • Andy

    Yes that is very nit-picky.
    Actually that is the correct spelling everywhere in the world except North America.

    And if we want to get nit-picky then we say “spelled wrongly” and not “spelt wrong”.

    Just sayin’

  • bs

    This is very nit-picky… but “customize” is spelt wrong under “Zwift System Keys” 😉

  • Rob

    Nobody knew that, thanks for the info!

  • That is part of the beta tester kit. No code, you simply had to be there

  • Rob

    Some pics here have riders with all white shoes, No yellow in them. I do not see an unlockable promo code for these, how do you get them?

  • Here one because it’s the last day! 😉

  • John Sadler


  • Aki Yamakawa

    sorry the last one 🙂

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 9

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 8

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 7

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 6

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 5

  • Aki Yamakawa

    pic 4

  • Aki Yamakawa

    another pic 2

  • Aki Yamakawa

    another pic 1

  • Aki Yamakawa

    Uploading some pics for the competition! 🙂

  • Happy New Year hat 🙂

  • Myles J.

    My photo submission. Thanks for the manual!!

  • Wayne Malpus

    This is for the competition I know it’s not a Zwift Picture but it’s for the reason to Zwift on a cold muddy day unless you like the mud!

  • Wayne Malpus

    This is for the competition I know it’s not a Zwift Picture but it’s for the reason to Zwift on a cold muddy day unless you like the mud?

  • But putting group rages eg WWR at the end of a mess had would be a starr

  • It’s a universal issue.

    Problem is people are normally too sweaty/engaged to send long messages

  • Gilbert Torres

    Muchas Gracias, for providing this Guide/Manual. This has been very helpful. One piece I think is missing is around text messaging. I see a lot of group messages going on and those show up on the Segment/Competition banners. But every now and then I see messages that show up from the Rider List box, I don’t know if these are messages are directed to me or to the group.

  • Charles Potts

    What about something letting you know that the sprint/KOM is coming up so you know where it starts?
    Seem to always get started late on them.

  • Robert Zolnowski


  • It’s all good as far as the competition concerned ?

  • I’ll stop after this one, I like photoshop 😛

  • Dick

    Here is this morning

  • Shirli Moritz

    Thanks for this useful info – as a Zwift Newbie been searching for something like this, great help, appreciate the effort you have put into it!!

  • Happy Runner

    I think the ones without the leader boards and without the popup names over riders heads look best. Some really good choices here!

  • Greg Lehto

    Manual photo

  • And another one.

  • Mitch De Jode

    Can adjust whatever you want. If you have an idea on a picture pm me 😉

  • Happy Runner

    Level 50 is the hover bike. Sometimes I like to just hover near the mountain and watch riders go by (upper right). Unfortunately, Zwift has had some problems with the hover bike catching fire and burning the rider, so I don’t think it is being awarded anymore. Still, I think it would be great for the manual cover. I’ll be checking my mail for the water bottle!

  • Ryan Pearson

    Is there any way to add a rider to “riders that you follow” without seeing them on the “all riders” list? I’ve been trying to add some friends to my list but I can’t find any place to search for riders.

  • Ryan Pearson

    Is there any way to add a rider to “riders that you follow” without seeing them on the “all riders” list. I’ve been trying to add some friends to my list but I can’t find any place to search for riders.

  • James

    Hahaha love it Cassie!

  • Cassie Baldi

    Here my pictures 🙂

  • Dominik Lugmair

    Hi James, pic from todays OSS

  • Robin Featherstone

    one for consideration

  • Louis

    Today I got the “You’re Famous” achievement, which requires getting 30 “ride ons”. This happened at around 170km into the ride though lol.

    Anyway I don’t see anyone mention this anywhere and it’s not in your guide.

  • Happy Runner

    Very professional. I like it alot.

    Zwift seems pretty cool, but you may want to run by them the use of their copyrighted logo.

  • Ah, I jumped the gun too fast. TitaniumGeek isn’t centered. Here’ the replacement file:

  • Up load as many as you like Kevin. I’ll be choosing my 5 favourites of all the entries and then putting those on FB for the Zwifting public to decide!

  • kevin

    So for your cover picture, should we just upload a bunch to choose from?

  • Nice one Sir – simple, but effective!

  • Here’s my stab at the cover image.

  • William dawes

    One more for luck

  • Got to be in it to win it William, and you are the first so far!

  • Wulliam dawes

    For the competition

  • James Gill

    Test picture

  • Not currently no. You can remove the leader boards and HUD. Not more than that though

  • Happy Runner

    Here’s a question — is it possible to turn OFF the names that appear above rider’s avatars? In a big group rides, the can be so many popping up that it blocks the view and makes it difficult to keep an eye on the leader. Likewise the constant “thumbs up” — can they be suppressed?

  • Yes that’s due to the Santos Tour Down Under promotion.

  • Pete

    I was lucky enough to win the Sprinter jersey yesterday, but instead of Green, it was a Red iinet jersey. Any idea what that was all about?

  • Burnt Toast

    They will not be the same. I can do an ERG workout in Zwift and keep my gearing in a 34/28 and cover the same mileage in Zwift as I can doing the same workout in the 50/11 gear, but the distance recorded by my Garmin would be very different. Zwift takes your wattage, weight, road grade etc. and calculates as speed and distance.

    Zwift writes a .fit file so if you are logging your workouts to something other then Strava, you can upload the .fit file into your favorite tracking program and use the Zwift miles which are more accurate.

  • Andy

    Hello James,

    Thanks so much for this guide, it’s been really helpful for me. I’ve also just read through all the comments above and wanted to give you huge kudos for the patience and knowledge that you have shown in answering everyone’s questions and queries. Fair play to you. Ride On!!!


  • That’s more tricky. The best way is to log back out. And then use the “ride with function” rather than just hitting the right button.

    You can look across the names of riders, and hopefully find where the race leader it is from their name. Then select ride with that person, and you’ll appear near them on the course

    But when you do actually login make sure that you are paddling like Billy oh, because you’ll be doing a standing start, where as they will already be rolling

  • Happy Runner

    OK, one more question since this seems to be the definitive source for Zwift info. Let’s say I miss the start and want to locate a group ride that is already somewhere on the course. The list of riders on the right just shows those riders that are nearby. What if the group is long gone? How do I search for a rider or group name so I can jump to that part of the course and join in?

  • it’s not definitive, but there is a list of some of the bigger rides here:
    you might need to do a bit of a FB search now though

  • Happy Runner

    I would like to get involved in some group rides. I have been a bit disappointed that the rides I have selected have very few riders and fall apart quickly. On the one hand it is great that anyone can calendar a ride, but I wonder how I can figure out which rides are the most popular and consistently have lots of riders.

  • Glad to see it worked. I’ve currently got the edit screen open in front of me, and am writing the update for Ocean Boulevard and the turns bits on the app ?

  • Happy Runner

    Thanks, James, that’s the key. I was looking at the DASHBOARD screen (with the U-Turn indicator). You must move to the ACTION screen,, which will not have the LEFT/RIGHT until you approach the intersection.

    Kind of unfortunate they could not have placed this on the DASHBOARD screen.

  • Kevin

    It won’t let me log in on the phone app.most frustrating. Defo right password being used

  • Justin Isbell

    I noticed that Zwift ‘virtual’ miles were more than my ‘real’ Garmin miles. Would you expect the miles to be the same? I suppose I’m asking if there is a way to record ‘actual’ miles on Zwift…?
    Thanks, Justin
    [PS: Thanks for the website…it was very informative and helpful]

  • With the app as a approach the top two icons on the ride action screw will change to direct arrows

  • Happy Runner

    Thanks for the replies — I know how to do a 180 — I am referring to the island course when you come up to an intersection and can go either straight or turn. Can do with keyboard; haven’t figured out how to do it with the iOS app. Help?

  • I just emailed the picture as well

  • Yes. In the app, click Profile. On the middle RIGHT, you’ll see where it says Followers.

    You’ll be able to find them in there and the remove them

  • Ali

    Could you tell me how to delete a follower? I didn’t accept him and I can’t find this friends selection Zwift tell me to look in.All my devices(Samsung )only show a limited screen and not all the apps!

  • David

    Well 5KPH is pretty slow 😉

  • You need to be going at over 5kph, don’t recall off hand what the max speed is.

  • David

    To make a U turn (180 degrees ) I think you have to slow right down and then press the U turn arrow on the app. If you don’t slow down it doesn’t work.

  • Make sure the app is up to date. You turn 180 by pressing the turn arrow on the app. Just to take the junctions the app will change as you approach them

  • Happy Runner

    I had the same problem. My screen looks just like the “App Rider Mode” screen shot above, But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to turn with the iPhone / iTouch iOS app. Any suggestions?

  • You have the fastest time in the KOM in the opposite direction. The previous leader will have timed out. Happens occasionally that the leader times out and no one else has matched your time and suddenly you get a jersey

  • Koen

    Today I got a small polka-dot jersey icon in front of my rider name during a workout. There was a reverse-sign in it. What does this mean?

  • Matt C

    Thanks very much for this, great post and super helpful James

  • Francois Delorme

    Great post! Very exhaustive and useful. Are you going to update now that there are turns available? Somehow, I can turn left/right using my computer keyboard but the arrows do not seem to appear on my iPhone (Zwift app)

  • Gregory McNair

    Level 22 is at 88,000 points.

  • Tim

    I always thought that the use of smart was confusing because Zwift says “If your trainer broadcasts power and/or offers resistance control, it’s a smart trainer and Zwift will support it.” Since the Lemond broadcasts power, its a smart trainer by Zwift’s definition.

    Tacx calls trainers that can have their resistance controlled by a program “interactive” trainers, which is probably a better description.

  • Jeff Knisely

    On opening page, “Major Overhaul…” Not “Overall”

  • Very good post! We are linking too this particularly great content on our site.
    Keeep up the great writing.

  • Jeff Knisely

    I was curious if there is a list of the available promo codes for the special kits. Also, what is the status of getting your own club kit available on Zwift. I seem to see more of those lately. BTW, great job on the manual!!

  • Thanks MIC I’ll get that changed

  • Mic

    Just a note, the Lemond Revolution is not a SMART trainer.

    It is a dumb trainer with a calibrated virtual power transmitter (Watt Box).

    The wattbox has a speed sensor, and then it calculates the power based off of its profile and transmits that as power over ANT+.

    Prior to the Wattbox, it used the “Power Pilot” which took the raw speed data, and transmitted that to the power pilot that would then transmit that power via ANT+.

    There is no resistance control levels for a Lemond Revolution.

  • Happy Runner

    “you can’t draft with a TT bike”

    Had no idea. Great info and it makes sense, actually.

  • No worries. There is plenty of info on Zwift, takes ages to understand all the little bits!

  • Sandy

    Thank you, I appreciate the quick response. Sorry, I was planning on reading the workout section on my way home.

  • Hi Sandy

    The shields are riders using the work out mode.

    Take a look here at the work out mode post

  • Sandy

    Can anyone tell me what the glowing shield (or maybe it looks more like a cue sheet) is that sits on some riders handlebars? Thank you.

  • No advantage to being the front guy as far as we know
    Might be a disadvantage as you have no one to draft

    TT bikes get banned as they are faster, so an a advantage. But also you can’t draft with them – BUT you can be drafted, so you could “pull” another rider.

  • Happy Runner

    Here’s newb questions…

    Is there any advantage to the person in the lead of a draft? In auto racing, being drafted reduces rear resistance.

    Also, why are TT bikes banned in some group rides or races?

  • Not yet no. Sorry

  • Tommy Skibelid

    Thanks a lot for the manual.
    The heart rate is shown in bpm. Is it possible to have in % of max bpm as well?

  • Ride On! Thomas!

  • Thomas

    Great manual. Thanks a lot !!! 😀

  • Thanks and done. I’ll give an update when I receive a reply.

  • It is usually taped to the outside of the box. I’d sent elite an email.

  • Hi James,

    You say there is a free 1 month Zwift subscription with every new Elite trainer. Please can you advise how this works as I don’t see any promotional codes with the one I’ve just bought.

  • Not really. Only thing is a lot of rides are “no power ups” on the last lap.

    If you do activate a power up, then need to make sure you don’t over take anyone.

    That’s really about it

  • Happy Runner

    Another newb question: is there any etiquette to worry about? Is it rude to ride “on top of” someone? What about passing someone who just passed you? Is this like Ironman where you should let them fully complete the pass? Other than “no littering on the course” are there other unspoken rules of etiquette?

  • James Gill

    Shane Miller looked at the effect on wheels, the disc is fractionally faster. There is greater physics built into the different bikes – so we’d expect the steel bike to be slower, but I’m not aware of the switch having been thrown yet to activate it in game

  • James Gill

    The drafting benefits increase the close you get, so “close the gap” is when they start. There is also a distance marker in the same graphic.

    Closer = more draft
    Once you are in the pack the draft is full, but it would be nice to have something like a draft bar to see how much you are getting at various points, but the draft is currently being actively worked on by Zwift

  • Happy Runner

    Totally newbie. The drafting box says, “Close the Gap.”
    Are you getting the draft benefits as soon as you see that box?
    Are you getting FULL draft benefits as soon as you see that box?
    Are there any drafting benefits before you see that box?
    Must you “close the gap” to get the benefit?
    When you are sort of “on top” of another rider or right beside him/her, are you getting draft benefits?

  • Lance

    As I understand it, the TT bike gives a slight speed advantage, which is why they are not allowed during races. Do any of the other bikes or wheels give advantages like the TT bike?

  • Drafting has a few issues currently and the programmers are tweaking.

  • Walt Park

    On my first few rides I earned boosts after laps, etc. and could draft (“close the gap”, distance would appear),
    For the last few rides boosts and drafting notices seems to have stopped. Is it possible I accidentally turned these features off?

  • Hi dan, sorry for the delay in getting back. There was some problem with the BLE bridge apparently connecting the game.

    There has been an update pushed out today which should address this issue, so you might be able to get things working now

    Let’s hope so!

  • Dan H

    Hi James – I have checked thru the Zwift troubleshooter and all seems to be in order. Am i supposed to pair the Power Source box as well ? At the moment both the Cadence box and Speed sensor&classic trainer are paired – and they show speed and cadence when on that page. However if i got to the ride page i see my rider and cadence but no speed or watts. Urggh

  • Dan

    Yes we select speed sensor and classic trainer and it pairs up but then just goes to the rider screen and he is stationary

  • Have you selected a classic turbo trainer?

  • Dan

    Thx James – yes I see the Echowell paired on both the cadence and speed sensors. Then it just shows the screen with the rider but it doesn’t move despite it showing my cadence and speed on screen. Am I supposed to select a ride or something ?

  • Bring up the pairing screen – hit “A” and see if you can see your Bluetooth sensors there

  • Dan

    Hi James – finally it’s all connected via the app. One thing I get to the screen with the rider and see my name speed and cadence etc but the rider does not move . Any thoughts pls

  • David Bradbury

    Thanks James. I’ll probably go for the Ant+ then. Cheers

  • I’d argue Ant is best as its been tested in the wider community.

    I still need to check out more on Bluetooth gear. Should work though!

  • David Bradbury

    Hi, James, Im currently using a Cateye Padrone Smart computer on my bike Linked to Strava. You say that they have just released Bluetooth support on the Zwift mobile App. Is the Cateye Bluetooth Speed and Cadence sensor and Heart rate Monitor compatable with the Zwift Mobile Bridge App? Or would I be best to get Ant+ Devices?
    Thanks. Dave.

  • Cheapest is relative, and you get what you pay for.

    If you have a wheel on trainer, you have wear to the wheel and the tire to take into account.

    A direct trainer is more expensive, but less wear on your precious bike!

  • David Greenwood

    Hi James,

    Great page. I have a Stages Power Meter and am looking for the cheapest smart turbo that allows Zwift to electronically control the resistance. Which models would you suggest?


  • Dan H

    Morn – so followed the instructions to link the sensor to ANT + via the bluetooth app. It took a while to find but after about 5 or 6 searches it did locate the Echowell sensor. The problem was that when it did locate the Laptop it crashed with the message that Windows.exe has a problem. Tried this about 3 times and the same outcome – so it seems very tempremental. Not sure how to fix this – is the software package not ideal – or the wifi link – or does the sensor need a clear line of sight to the laptop (as in its currently blocked by the metal flywheel on the elite turbomuin ). Will try again but maybe getting an ANT+ sensor is the better option.

  • Dan H

    Excellent ! James much appreciated – will download app – then fingers crossed i hope to race tonight

  • The app on the phone works as a bridge to let Zwift on the laptop see the Bluetooth device

  • Dan H

    Excellent thanks – I was just about to buy an ANT + sensor too !
    So if i download the app then I will be able to use zwift on my iphone via bluetooth ?
    If i did download it via my phone – would i be able to hook it up onto my laptop ?

  • !!! Bluetooth support came out last night via the app!!!! Shows what I know!

    It’s a bridge system, rather than from the Zwift software side. You need to Zwift app on your phone, but that should cover you either way!

  • Dan H

    Great thnks – so I guess my only option in the short term is to buy the cadence sensor with ANT + on it ?

  • I wouldn’t wait for Bluetooth. I can’t see that happening before 2016.

    By comparison to the ANT+ products available, it just doesn’t make sense to sink a lot of time into that currently. Time vs number of users it will bring in

    Things like Race Mode are much more important for the short term.

    Either way, hopefully it’s ANT+ and just needs a battery change.

    In which case, get yourself on Zwift for the 18:30GMT ZTR race I’ll be doing ?

  • Dan H

    many thanks james for the great advice and saving me the hassle of trying to set up. I will check tonite when i get home if its ANT + but presume not – in which case i will wait for bluetooth or poss buy the ANT + sensor

  • The Zwift iPhone app is a communication tool in terms of messaging. It doesn’t a requirement for using Zwift.

  • Dan H

    ah I have a garmin 510 and the cadence meter thing is on the left crank – I guess thats what it may be picking up then ( even though i have the Echowell one on the right crank too )? Incidently can i then download the Zwift on my iphone and go down that route ?

  • Look closely at the sensor. If it does ANT+ it will be written on the actual unit somewhere

  • Again. That’s an odd one. Which suggests the is SOMETHING broadcasting ANT+.
    Do you have any other sensors or gadget?

  • Dan H

    ah yes it is – good spot and thx for clearing that up – incidently why would it pick up the cadence though ?

  • James Gill

    If its this one, it looks like it is bluetooth only, so you won’t be able to use it with Zwift currently until bluetooth is activated, for which we dont have a time line yet.

  • Dan H

    ah oops – I think its the Echowell Bluetooth Smart speed sensor ….. hmm how would i get that to work ?

  • Sorry, I meant your speed sensor.
    It works over Bluetooth. But I’m wondering is the sensor also ANT+?

  • Dan H

    It is the GARMIN ANT chip – previously I’d used the speed/sensor on an Apple 6 phone – but that was all via Bluetooth so didnt use the dongle . I bought the GARMIN one so I could basically use it on the Laptop . It picks it up in the corner when plugged in

  • On a laptop or phone? Just to FINALLY confirm, it IS ANT+ isn’t it?

  • Dan H

    many thx -yes it definitely works because I synced it with the Elite My Training app – its a Echowell Bluetooth enabled Speed/cadence meter that was advised by Elite. The sensor as I said sits against the wheel drum ( the only thing I can think maybe is that as the dongle and PC are on the other side of this wheel drum the signal is being blocked ? )

  • My first question is always going to be can you see the speed sensor from any other app or software. Confirm its physically working first

  • Dan H

    Can anyone help pls . As someone mentioned above -my PC picks up the ANT + ( Garmin one) and has paired the Cadence Meter but no speed . The dongle is only a couple of feet from the sensor so I would be surprised if it was that . I am using a Elite turbo Muin ( so no back wheel) – where the sensor picks up from the inside flywheel. If i try and pair the Classic tubo option ( or in fact any of them ) it just goes into a box saying SEARCHING but never finds anything . Any clues pls?

  • Jaimie

    I do not think that the Android mobile app stores images on the phone. I’m running the game on osx so perhaps that is the issue?

  • Use the “Ride” button when logging in. It’s loads in into the same 1-200m each time. Which is 400m from the Orange start banner.

    I just soft pedal to the start banner and then go from there

  • Walt Park

    How do I start in the same position on the course each time?
    Outside I am used to biking the same distance each time and comparing. I would like to do this within Zwift but can only do this if I can start at the same position (ideal) OR bike complete laps (less than ideal).

  • I think that’s jus random. When we did biking4breasts, we had different times of day on systems next to each other

  • Rob

    While you’re at it see what determines the day setting when one first starts a ride….maybe time zone based on course location?

  • I thought that a “day” on Watopia was about 20mins. shorter than 1 hour I think. I’ll check

  • Rob

    What determines time of day on Watopia or even Richmond? I was on Watopia today for a few hours and went through a few sunsets, full moons, lights on bike etc…. Someone said they heard that an hour equates to 24 hours which may have been what I saw today?

  • Zwift are relatively “easy” with the jerseys. But keep a tight grip on the bikes.

    The codes tend to be temporary, and bikes, available only for shorter periods unless they are level unlock bikes

  • Dogma 65.1 was a beta test item

  • Roger

    Last week (October 24-25, 2015 I had the pleasure of unlocking the Pinarrello Dogma unlock. This week it is gone. Not sure what I did to unlock it but would like to figure it out. Nice bike. I hope they add the ability to upload your own bike.

  • I need to change that now. The cap is now only on unsupported trainers and rollers

  • Justin Wagner

    You mentioned “Note zPower/classic trainers are capped at 400watts on Zwift island” is this still true?

    I have been using a Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll, with a Wahoo Blue SC (which means I’m using zPower as far as I’m aware) and have logged well over 400 watts on the Sprint segment (

  • Interesting… I’ll have a look at that!

  • David Hennessy

    Thanks for the work, Gillie. Just want to post my observation. You say that the main ‘ride on’ button in the App main screen is purely for gesture. But (at least as I think) it appears in recent versions that IF I have ride ons in my pocket, I tap the ride on button and I get a ‘boost’ for about 15 seconds. It gets easier to do anything. So I can go faster uphill, catch someone, move up the pack, take a break.. whatever. I may be wrong, maybe its in my head, but I do perceive a benefit.

    It only happens IF I have been given ride on (and can see them in my jersey) on a given ride. So if it is true, do indeed give ride ons folks – especially if you are wanting to help a rider out and they deserve your support for what they do. Lol, but done give them if you are racing against them, lol

    Perhaps this is why you can only give one ride on per lap per rider? I’d love to get zwift’s confirmation on what i suggest…

  • Thanks Jim. You are completely correct. I’ve actually a half written review of s Bkool, which does indeed work.

    I’ve just not had the time compared to other bits to finish it off yet! ?

    Thanks for the point for other though. Certainly need to change the wording on the manual

  • rustysprokitt

    hi, thanks for the page. i noticed you’ve not listed the Bkool smart trainer as being compatible because it’s a “closed” system. well the Pro variant I use was updated to FE-C at the back end of August and it’s been working really well with Zwift.


    cheers. rusty (Jim)

  • Ramon Astrain

    Thanks James, Im new to Zwift and didnt knew about the kits unlocked just for an event.

  • Hi Ramon. Some bits of kit unlock temporarily when there is an event going on – the a canyon for example.

    It’s possible that some of the start items have changed. I might have to create a dummy account over the next few days to check

  • Ramon Astrain

    Great work and thanks a lot for making this page.

    Im in level 5 and Im almost sure the I had the Zipp 202 since the start. I got the Canyon TT, the Canyon Jersey and the Zipp 808 Wheels in about level 3, but I just noticed that I no longer have any of those.. Level 5(4000points) gave me a Specialized Allez.

  • Stephen Jackson

    Level 18 – 56,000

  • bryan

    Thanks tried that still doesn’t work. Beginning to think that it’s probably the cateye speed/cadence sensor not compatible

  • Make sure that the dongle is close enough to the sensor. A lot of people use a USB extension lead.

    With my power meter, if the dongle isn’t close enough, it is detected, but reads a zero

  • bryan

    My dongle has arrived. When I pair my speed cadence/sensor if finds it but it wont display any speed or rpm.

  • Any ANT+ dongle will work with Zwift.

  • bryan

    Hi I am itching to get on zwift. But struggling with getting info on my set up. I have a cateye stealth 50 with a isc11 speed and cadence sensor. It’s all ant+ but can’t get any info on what dongle to use or is it just any. Also will my set up work.

  • Yes. I’ve only ever used Zwift with my mac

  • Jan

    Thnx! Also with a Mac?

  • Jan

    Thnx! Also with a Mac?

  • Yes. If a device is Ant+ compatible, it will work ?

  • Jan

    Dear James,

    The Ant + dongle which you refer to, do you know if that it is compatible with Garmin Edge 500 and GSC 10 Cadancemeter?

  • Yes, sorry, that’s a mistake. I’ll get that changed

  • William Kwan

    In the ZPower section, you wrote, “When a rider is close to you, you see a name tag appear over them, or in this case behind you. The shield symbol shows the rider is using a power meter, not zPower”.

    I thought the shield symbol identifies a Premium Strava user instead of someone using a power meter. Can you please confirm? Thanks.

  • Finished off the Mio Alpha 2 review – its bluetooth only – it was the KICKSTARTER version that did both. I’m currently reviewing a Mio Velo – that much better, works as an ANT+ bridge, AND works with Zwift ?

  • unless you were able to FORCE two zwift windows open, and had a computer powerful enough to run that. Then you’d just need the two dongles and sensors

  • Yes you could do that, but you’d need to double the setup. Laptops, dongles, speed sensors

  • Andy

    cheers for that, still trying to get my head around how Zwift works….If we got 2 turbo trainers could we could have little races – but without having a bunch of other people involved?

  • People have put children on before. I think more for enjoyment as much as anything.

    You could reduce the difficulty in the settings. Might help?

  • Andy

    Hi, could someone tell me if zwift is suitable for young children….My son, aged 7, is getting into cycling and this evening asked for a turbo trainer! I’ve never used one so just doing some basic research….but I think he’d enjoy it more if it were linked up to some kind of “video game” like Zwift….but would he be able to keep up? are there different levels? or will other riders keep flying past him – which might be discouraging. BTW his bike has 20 inch wheels so not even sure if he can use a turbo trainer…..if not zwift are there any similar products out there – would love encourage him to keep cycling more.

  • Stephen Jackson

    L16 requires 44,000 points
    L20 requires 77,000 points

    For your section on “getting connected”, riding Zwift consumes between 2.0 and 2.5mb bandwidth per minute, so an hour ride, depending on how many others are on the island/richmond, will consume 120 to 150mb. I am happily riding over #G and 4G wireless.

  • Stephen Jackson

    L16 is 44,000 points. Points per km continue to average 22 per km.

  • No James, I spoke to Swift and they said they are both just Bluetooth. I think at least the Scosche is both Blte and Ant+ – but hey oh. I do know the Ant+ dongel is working. But no readings for me.

    It seems Bluetooth will come to Swift this FALL, so I will just have to wait. It won’t be available on the Beta version somit will be subscription, I did ask if there would be a trail period to make sure all equipment works with Swift, they said yes.

    So its juts wait out for me and ill keep my money for now, maybe look at other alternatives?

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.



  • The Mio Alpha 2 I have here was just Bluetooth so I can’t provide any thing further on that. Sorry

    Any luck your end?

  • Joe Royle

    Thanks James,

    I have checked both Mio Alpha and Schoche items and they both advertise for ANT + and Bluetooth supported.

    I will try and do what you have said above however tonight. Many thanks for working with me on this, Appreciate it.

  • HI Joe, so we know that the dongle is at least being detected by the PC – when you remove it, there is the “not connected” box

    We also know that the iPhone 6 works with bluetooth Mio.

    the problem might be the Mio itself (I’m testing one at the moment, but not posted the review)

    The Mio Alpha, to the best of my knowledge doesnt have DUAL ANT+/Bluetooth Smart functionality. I dont have it with me so I can’t check. But that might mean you can’t connect to Bluetooth AND ANT+ at the same time – try switching off any other bluetooth kit you have, and reconnect to Zwift.

    I havnt tried the Mio with Zwift, but I’ll give it a go tonight.

    I dont know about the Scoche sensor – but I think it might just be bluetooth only – thats the impression I get from Amazon, in which case it won’t work with Zwift

  • Joe Royle

    Hi James,

    I boot up with the dongle in – That’s in Mac book or mac mini and I see nothing and nothing gets detected? If i remove the Dongle a Flag comes up showing “no ANT+ detected”, so i think the dongle is working.

    I am trying to link a Mio Alpha heart rate monitor (which is ANT + and Bluetooth) and a Scoche cadence sensor but the dongel does not seem to pick them up, but my I phone 6 picks up both sensors, Can you help?


  • I THINK that the points needed varies between levels as you increase the levels.
    But I could be wrong

    I’ll update level 15 is 38,000 points – which is great thanks.
    We’ll have to say what level 16 is – I’m working towards that now

  • The question is where the the error?

    First question would be: When you load Zwift with the ANT+ stick in the laptop, does the software load without issue, or does it it say “no ANT+ detected”?

    If it is showing “not detected” it suggests a problem with the USB dongle, or the USB port.

  • Hi, Great article above. I am though having trouble with my ANT + dongle you recommended above. I have tried it on my Mac mini and my Macbook air, but it won’t be recognised by anything. I am doing anything obviously wrong?

    Adivce pleaae?



  • Stephen Jackson

    Points and levels.
    I recall someone asking about how many points to a level. It may have been covered, but I haven’t spotted it! My research shows that each KM is worth about 22 points. 20 points for riding it and the other 2(ish) for the big and small points bonus randomly awarded. I have covered 1,709k and have 37,470 points. Level 15 is 38,000 points, so each level is about 1,733 points or about 80k or 50 miles. cheers
    Billywillinga, Australia.

  • That’s a new one on me! ? great stuff, I’ll get it added

  • Didn’t see it but “daredevi”l achievement unlocked by going 50+ mph

  • Aaron Sifferman

    I have unlocked the 202’s already and when I hit level 12, sadly I did not get anything so I am guessing that I had them by accident and they are the level 12 prize.

  • Today will be my first go back on the island, going to get the pics and data I need for the update tonight.

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Christian

    There are now Level 16 + Jerseys (up to 20?) and also a vEveresting Jersey is on it’s way… I’m sure there are more…

    Great manual James!


  • Jill Seeman

    Hi, just curious I noticed when riding that I receive messages from people, some private and some public. I know how to select a rider name on the iPhone app and write a private message. But how does someone write to me when they are not listed as “near by”? I have been in a few conversations with people that write to me, but I don’t know how to write back to them privately because I cannot see them on my riders nearby list. So then I just send a public text message. Is it possible to find a rider name that might be not near by but still riding the island? Also I receive Ride Ons from people that I don’t see on my nearby rider list, how do I return the Ride on? Thank you for all your wonderful work!!!

  • The blue guys are AI riders. The idea is so there are people to draft off/ride with if the island is quiet.

    They don’t help directly, only indirectly in that you can draft off them – when you get close enough the draft dialogue box will appear, as with closing on any rider

  • Ivan Trigueirinho

    It helped me a lot. I´d like to know about the BLUE cyclists. Do they help us?

  • There is no way to go back to Jarvis Island on Zwift.

    Similarly we are expecting Watopia will “pass into legend” as the Richmond 2015 track is released later in the year

    Not seen a velodrome picture, but there is a training module coming at some point in the future, may relate to that. There are a few screen shots if you watch the loading screen

  • JJ

    Love that you took matters into your own hands to make this site!
    A question that I think I know the answer to… there have been 2 different islands used in the game: 1st was that Jarvis Island one, now Watopia. Any way to choose between them? Or have they dropped the 1st one completely in favor of the 2nd and we only have access to the 2nd now? I’ve also seen a screenshot of someone who looked like their avatar was in an indoor velodrome… is that a secret part of the game accessible to anyone who knows the secret?

  • Great info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve saved it for later!

  • The others are audio call outs. No physical function yet. If you give “ride on!” To a rider when viewing them, big thumbs up appears over their head, and collects into Jersey pockets.

    That graphic thumb was new in the last software build, and I’ll be putting up the next update to the manual next week

  • It’s merely about holding level. The “close the gap” pop ups shows when you are in range of the drafting effect

  • Ed Coda

    Ok… one more question:

    What do the “Bell”, “Hammer time”, “I’m toast”, “Ride ON!” and “Nice” do?

    I figured out the “Elbow flick”, “Wave” gestures — but when I hit the ones listed above, nothing happened.



  • Ed Coda

    Awesome article!

    I just did my first ride on Watopia. I was just wondering how one drafts off the riders in front of them. I found I was either passing them, moving them over, or falling behind. Is there a technique that works best? I’d like to get into breakaway type groups, but without knowing how to draft it may not be possible.


  • Thanks Christian. I’m currently working on the next manual update ?

  • Christian

    There are now also Canyon and Parlee bikes available… 🙂

    Awesome manual. Well done


  • Terry

    I second the use of an extension cable. I was having similar issues with the ANT+ USB sensor picking up my Garmin speed and cadence sensors. I added a 2M USB extension cable and now the connection is excellent. Money well invested.

    James, thanks for this document. As a newbie to Zwift, this has been invaluable. Simple things like the keyboard shortcuts and the use of the powerups will make a big difference. I’ve been riding around wondering why I have a truck on my screen and trying to work out what to do with it.

  • It’ might be a range issue. Are you using a laptop. If so, stick it on the floor next the bike and see if it help.

    Eric min – CEO – suggests that a USB extension cord is actually a requirement

  • CJ

    Another question if anyone can help, I have managed to connect my classic/garmin to the pc on a few occasions but it can take me 15 to 20 minutes for the programme to pick up the garmin etc.
    The ANT+ dongle is picked up and when I remove it, the no ant dongle pop up appears, but for some reason it is hit and miss as to whether the garmin etc are picked up.
    So frustrating.
    Any ideas?
    running windows 8.1

  • There isn’t anyway to delete the ride data Zwift has – to my knowledge BUT the KOM times on the leader board should only be for the last 30days, so should be replaced eventually.

    Look at it another way – it’s a great training target for you ?

  • CJ

    Hi James,
    Cracking guide. One question, when I first set up my classic turbo/garmin i was going round the island at a ludicrous speed. Unfortunately that brief ride is logged in the system and for example my best on the clockwise climb is currently 1 minute faster than I can really do it!
    Any idea of how i can delete that ride as i now have my set up perfect!

  • Govert

    Yes, the speed and cadence are connecting but the cadence gives tha wrong values and the speed remains at zero.

  • The Ant+ sensors should work. But it is not supported as a smart trainer

  • Govert

    The Elite Qubo Digital is not (yet) supported 🙁

  • Todd Paterson

    I am a newbie thanks so much for this manual it answered alot of questions I was unsure about. Weather has been crap here this weekend so had a go yesterday & today and loved it. Works great with the Kickr & WTF how does anyone do high 1 minutes for the KOM awesome.

  • Really interesting using a fixed gear bike. I bet that makes for an interesting Zwift ride!

  • Can I just check you’ve not unlocked the 202 wheels, as that is level 12 we think. Just trying to double check that point.


  • Thanks Aaron. I don’t know how I ended up getting that wrong, but I’ve updated that all correctly.

    Genuinely thanks for catching that! If you spot anything else please let me know.

    I know I’m due a update with the new leader boards. Just need time!

  • Aaron Sifferman

    So level 10 is the Zipp 808’s. I have a screen grab if you need it just let me know. As far as my last two accomplishments, I believe that I unlocked regular camo on level 9 and Zipp 404’s level 8. I hope this helps.! I have a buddy who just started so I can give him the link here and he can hopefully contribute to the lower levels if they need fixing as well.


  • GF3

    Just FYI…I’ve been using a Cyclops POWERSYNC (NOT Powerbeam Pro) smart trainer on Swift with a single speed fixed gear bike for a couple of months now and it works great with full resistance simulation. Everywhere I read I see that the Powersync is NOT YET SUPPORTED, but I beg to differ…at least the version I have seems to be fully supported…I’m enjoying full functionality. Bravo Zwift. Can’t wait for structured workout support. Manual resistance control using the phone app would be really awesome.

  • Thanks Aaron.
    If you could get back to me when you know, problem was I began to write this after having gone through most of the levels. Cheers

  • Aaron Sifferman


    I believe that the Unlocked Gear section is off by one. I am currently on level 9 and I already have the Zipp 404’s. I am very close to level 10 (likely about to be after my ride here this evening) so I will report the Level 10 reward afterwards. I swear I remember a prior version of this list having it be the digital camo jerseys coming at level 10.

    Btw thank you so much as well as all of those taking time to contribute.


  • I’m sorry there isn’t. The jersey “belongs” to you for an hour in the game, or until someone beats the time. In terms of the status it’s temporary, and isn’t recorded anywhere. Sorry! Good stuff on the KOM – I don’t think I’ve actually managed to get it on the new island. Had the sprint and the lap. No KOM yet – blasted legs!

  • Kevin Casey

    I managed to get the KOM Jersey today but did not take a snapshot. Is there anyway i can retrieve that status or is there somewhere in records that shows I achieved that ?


  • GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Eso es lo que me encanta de el siglo 21 . Somos realmente afortunados con los juguetes que tenemos!

  • That’s what I love about the 21st Century. We’re just really lucky with the toys we have!

  • GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Previously we only had simple mobiles barely
    They could do simple things like send text messages you receive calls.

  • Anteriormente solo teníamos móviles sencillos que apenas
    podían hacer cosas simples como expedir mensajes de texto percibir llamadas.

  • Lindsay

    When you use the screenshot button on the mobile app, it now saves the screenshot to both your computer and your phone. If you can’t seen the photos on your phone, let Zwift know. That’s a bug!

  • Ken

    No problem James. Thanks for this very detailed and useful user manual. Ride On!

  • I’m honestly not sure. I would put this as a Q to the FB group. I’ve not any experience with the Minoura. I *think* on the TacX Classic trainers level 4 is a good base, and adjust on the hills

  • Ken

    If one is using a Minoura RDA-80D trainer, i.e. one of the classic trainers, what resistence should it be set to for accurate power, estimation?

  • Ah good point. It looks like I’ve mixed up the 404 and the 202s. I’ll get that changed. Thanks

  • BCrone

    I’m on level 10 and already have Zipp 202’s…

  • I’m not aware of a way to turn the sound down yet. It’s on the feature request list I believe

  • Gisli Olafsson

    Hi, I was wondering about volume of sound in Zwift… is there a way to turn it down?
    Also, I would recommend Computrainer to everyone… I have one from year 2001 and it works perfect with Zwift… so if you want one that really lasts for a long time CT is it… it will expensive at the start but cheaper in the long run IMHO. Gisli

  • Joe Scutt

    I was looking at this as a smart trainer

    Also read that it simulates the hills, seems a reasonable price too

  • It gives you astonishingly good training data. But they are EXPENSIVE. Even on eBay you are looking at £500 for a Stages crank.

    The KICKR is a good half way house – take a look at the review here, but even a refurbished model is about £850.

    I bought my KICKR by cancelling my gym subscription – best decision ever. Power meters are coming down in price over the next year or so, like GPS did years ago.

    It all depends on budget. I’d say a smart turbo is better than a power meter, as it will give you power, speed AND simulate this hills which is an amazing thing

  • Joe Scutt

    Thanks James, would you say a power meter is an essential to get the most out of zwift?

  • You can pick up a “dumb” trainer. Basically an A-frame and a bolt for ~£30-50 on eBay. Cycleops Mag is a good example. About £100 new from Wiggle.

    As for the speed sensors, a Garmin combo cadence/speed is about £35 and will allow you to communicate with Zwift, and will say how quickly you are riding and how often you turn the pedals.

    eBay is your friend for starting out

  • Joe Scutt

    Your manual is awesome but I’m a completely newbie. I’ve never had a turbo trainer so am dying to ask someone with experience what they think.
    I really fancy getting Zwift but I really have no idea what these speed sensors are or what type of trainer to go for? I don’t want to spend too much with me being new to this so any advice on a decent set up would be great thanks

  • Don

    I’m level 6 at the moment. I’ve done the marathoner achievement and the 500watt achievement. I got classic jersey pack for something -maybe marathoner?

  • What level are you at Don? I started writing the manual at level 6. It may be an early unlock. It was originally given to beta testers in Feb.

    I’d certainly be interested in the early info as you unlock things.

  • Don

    re: Feb 2015 – Pinarrelllo Dogma bike released to all Zwifters

    I don’t seem to have this bike. I assumed it was from an achievement I didn’t have. I probably wasn’t in the beta in Feb. Was there a code to enter to claim it or something?

  • Mark

    Great work, thxs for sharing.

    I think the ‘bottom left white number, grey background’ on the status bar is your level in the ‘game’ not the number of laps.

  • Thanks Craig. Updated things. Also causes a crash and then reloaded!

  • craig
  • Mike


  • The KOM starts from the Col de Zwift sign. Whilst the sprint is from the 200m sign. Sorry, should have made that clear

  • The green jersey print starts at the 200m marker. Not the 300m marker and runs to the green finish arch. A little confusing. Maybe Zwift should consider different markers for the routes?

  • Mike

    New rider here.

    I have some graphical artifacts on the screen due to my seriously old computer. (I am saving money for a new one).

    But I can’t seem to figure out the start of a sprint segment.

    What about the start of a KOM segment, is that the sign with the name of the climb?

  • I’ve address that now. Thanks

  • Thanks. I’d better trying to find that duration. I’ll get that updated later today

  • Worth mentioning that sprint/kom/lap times expire after 60 minutes, just in case you wonder why your jersey gets passed on and your time disappear from the leader boards.

  • Brett

    Great start! Thank you for your work – perhaps a suggested section would be where the workout files are stored locally for strava manual uploads or if you want to update the time/date stamp prior to manually uploading to your choice of online fitness tracker.

  • Thanks Robert. Caught and changed!! Hope you’ve found something useful here?

  • Robert

    Great manual. Typo – imperial century (black) jerseys unlocked for 100 mile ride, not 100 km.

  • Well you learn something new every day. I genuinely thought it was an entirely fictional island. I didn’t realise there was a basis in the real world

  • A.duran

    The squashed snowman island is Jarvis island which is south of Hawaii.

  • Thanks Jasper. Just updated it. Hope you’ve found something useful on here in return

  • Jasper

    F10 – Screen Capture / Photo