FoodCell – Aerodynamic Cycling Nutrition Carrier

When people talk about aerodynamics with products, there is often a caveat “To go X amount faster, you need to deal with Y as an inconvenience”. FoodCell has just launched on Kickstarter as an aerodynamic cycling nutrition box, with an equal focus on utility and aerodynamics.  Continue Reading →

Lumos Smart Bike Helmet Review – Brakes, Indicators and Lights!

The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet has cracked the issue of easily putting safety lights on your bike, while keeping them in direct line of sight for drivers – build them directly into the fabric of the helmet. But then the company has decided to up the ante by adding in smart brake lights and indicators too!
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HipLok AirLok – Secure & Stylish Bike Storage hits Kickstarter

HipLok continues to bring innovative designs to bike security, when you are out on the road, but what about when you get home? HipLok’s latest Kickstarter campaign looks to address that with the new HipLok AirLok. A stylish, and importantly secure, bike hanger and bike lock combined.

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Kickstart – Mineral Designs Mini Bar Bike Tool

I tend to keep on eye on bits of bobs knocking around on Kickstarter, and some of the kit which has come from there – Stryd for example has been awesome. Here is a bike tool Kickstart – “Wow so what, it looks like a T-Bar” If I’m honest it’s not so much the bar tool, as the chain tool which has led me to order this one!

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