FoodCell – Aerodynamic Cycling Nutrition Carrier

When people talk about aerodynamics with products, there is often a caveat “To go X amount faster, you need to deal with Y as an inconvenience”. FoodCell has just launched on Kickstarter as an aerodynamic cycling nutrition box, with an equal focus on utility and aerodynamics.  Continue Reading →

Rido RLt series saddle review

If the Rido R2 saddle is to cycling as crutches are to running, then the Rido RLt series saddle is a pair of overpronation race shoes. I have already taken a look at what might be termed Rido’s recovery saddle for individuals with perineal issues, so how does their more mainstream, race ready saddle compare? Continue Reading →

Using caffeine in cycling and endurance sports

Coffee is a cycling staple, so its likely no coincidence that caffeine is recognised to be effective for improving endurance and overall sporting performance. But how does this occur, and what’s the best way to utilise caffeines effect? How much/what is an effective dose of caffeine for cycling/endurance events and more to the point WHEN should you be taking that caffeine?
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