Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera Review – Have They Made a GoPro Killer?

Action cameras have improved greatly over the last few years. With 4K recording now a common feature, as such, that is not merely enough today, you need to make using the camera an effective and simple experience. With that in mind, let’s focus both on quality and overall usability in this Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera review Continue Reading →

Fly12 Review – Action Camera and Bike Light Combo!

Fly12 is a product that makes you scream “Why hasn’t someone done that before?”
Bike handle bars get cluttered with GPS’, lights, action cameras, possibly even bells. The latest product from Cycliq, the Fly12 action camera and bike light combo attempts to declutter your bars, not with a pair of compromised devices, but with a good action camera, and a really useful bike light. Continue Reading →

Garmin VIRB elite review – A cycling specific action camera

GoPro tends to have the market for the generic action camera sewn up. As a result, competitors such as Garmin and Shimano have realised action cameras but with additional sport specific features, such as GPS and ANT+ sensor integration. So from the view of a cyclist, how does Garmin’s first action camera fair in this Garmin VIRB elite review? Continue Reading →

Swimming After Fractured Elbow – Rehabilitation

Swimming has been strongly advised to be an effective way to recover from my fractured elbow – however, my first attempts didn’t go every well, and frankly, I think I over did it!! FOUR months after my initial fracture and two months after my last swim attempt, I head back to the pool! Continue Reading →